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DMN: Here are the new rule changes for this year's NIT, which will affect Texas and TCU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. Here are the new rule changes being implemented for this year's NIT, which will affect Texas and TCU

    By Trenton Daeschner , Texas Longhorns blogger
    Contact Trenton Daeschner on Twitter: @TrentDaeschner

    The Texas Longhorns and TCU Horned Frogs will encounter some rather unique rule changes in this year's NIT, including a lengthened 3-point line, widened lane and adjustments regarding team fouls.

    The new rule changes are being implemented for experimental purposes and will only be used for the NIT tournament.

    "We'll have to quickly adjust to that as a team," Texas coach Shaka Smart said Sunday night when asked about the new rules. "It's different with the lane being wider, the 3-point line being further out. It just so happens we're playing one of the best shooting teams in the country. ... So that's going to be a challenge, but that's why they do it in the NIT -- to see how teams adjust to it and see what it looks like. So for our team, tomorrow in practice, we will practice with those rules and get the guys acclimated, and then I think there will be an adjustment process even during the game."

    Read more at https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/co...s-implemented-years-nit-will-affect-texas-tcu
  2. Who pays for the changes to the floor? I like the 3 point line being extended.
  3. Shouldn't have a huge impact on TCU. Seems like we take most of our 3s from 3 or 4 feet behind the line anyway, especially Noi and Robinson. Plus we're not exactly posting guys up in the lane much.
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  4. my only concern is if we adjust to the 3-point line on the sideline by moving even further back and that increases the number of times a frog steps out of bounds with the basketball.
  5. Wondering about the logistics of making these changes (new 3 point line, wider lane) to the court. East to do? Does it require painting? Just tape? Is it expensive? How hard is it to get the court ready with a 72 hour turnaround?
  6. I'd love it if they did away with the 3-point line altogether. Would massively improve play IMO in terms of it being a much more aesthetic, watchable game. Might take a couple years for everyone to adjust and learn how to actually run an offense designed to generate good shots instead of simply create space and isolate, but ultimately it'd be a better game. Watching 80% of the game being played under the basket or outside the 3-point line can get really ugly.

    Moving the line back is a start though. As soon as it's back far enough to where shooting %'s drop below 30% out there, that's when the game will really start to improve, because coaches won't want their guys shooting 3's anymore.
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  7. We step out regardless of whether we are shooting or not.
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  8. No four point circles?


    BTW it was easy enough for the Globies to install those for single games; should be simple to move back the 3 point line.
  9. unfortunately i don't think you will see the 3 point line gone, but i agree going to the fiba line.

    in regards to the wider lane just calling the current rule would be nice. hayes from texas would just park down there.

    also agree on much of basketball becoming unwatchable. i see more organization and structure when i am at the gym then many nba games.

    my wife turned the tv on last night, flipped over to the rockets and i think in 5 minues there were a handful of times where all 10 players were on an end when a shot got put up.
  10. Not sure if you watch much high school basketball, but it is REALLY bad at that level. Streetball is really the only way to describe it. Horrible shots taken on a regular basis with almost no pushback from the coach.
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  11. i went and watched kendric play a few times when he was at sam houston and a handful of high school and aau games because a friends son was playing and our kids have grown up with their kids.

    it truly is amazing watching the game played now and it isn't for the better.
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  12. Seems easier to install a smaller diameter hoop than repaint the floor...
  13. Or install a putt putt-like windmill in front of the hoop
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  14. has to be outside the dotted arc
  15. Guess you guys weren’t watching or paying attention to basketball from 2000-2015. It was not a watchable/enjoyable product at the college or NBA levels, and the ratings bore that out. Pro games would end with scores in the 60s/70s...in the Finals! Remember Butler/Duke in 2010? Or Butler/UConn in 2011? You really want to go back to that?

    No 3s = zero floor spacing. Every game turns into a rock fight. No thanks.
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  16. what? periodic individual games maybe, but no on a regular basis.

    in 2004 the lowest team average was toronto at just over 85 a game.


    they had the 3-point shot, but they also allowed much more physical defensive play. that isn't the case. i can't stand watching the rockets play where harden continually initiates contact and gets free throws. same with watching lebron.

    guys running up and down playing no defense in the regular season jacking up shots isn't entertaining and college basketball is not better today.
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    Just as a point of reference, in 1970-1971 UCLA averaged 83.5 points per game, and they were 52nd in the country in ppg. They averaged 94 ppg in 1971-72 but to be fair that was 5th in the country. No shot clock, no 3-point line. You remember when the leading scorer in the nation used to always be 30+ ppg and sometimes 40? Now you hardly ever see anyone average 20 ppg. The point is that shot clocks and the 3-point line haven't really had the desired effect, more than anything it's dumbed down the game so much that coaches don't even bother trying to set up offenses that involve much more than pick and rolls and isolation plays.

    The game has gotten too physical and there are too many bad shots taken and bad offense played.
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  18. i thnk the game has changed partly because the skill level of players is higher in some aspects, but i am not sure as you pointed out wex that has translated to a better game.

    players are bigger and the big players are more skill today in regards to shooting from distance, ball handling, and passing. when i played in high school i was one of two 6'3" kids who started and goodness if we ever shot outside the lane there was going to be hell to pay let alone handle the ball for very long on a break.

    we did have 5 starters who were between 6' and 6'3" as opposed to some high schools i have seen with all their kids between 6'3" and 6'7"

    it changes how defenses play, how you can play on the offensive end, but the big deal was there was a strategy. we would kill teams by isolating one of our two "guards" down low if teams would play us in man. granted this was a 3-a team then, 4-a now, but there was very much a plan of attack on the offensive end even though we would push the ball on the break and trapped a great deal in the half court to speed tempo.

    the obsession with analytical s and the value of the 3 over a 2 is the part that has ruined the game to me. coaches encourage kids to fire 3's under the assumption that is bigger than a 2, but only if you can make that damn thing at a decent clip.
  19. I’m not exactly sure what’s you’re responding to here. I said games ended with scores in the 60s/70s in the Finals. Check Spurs/Pistons ‘05, Lakers/Pistons ‘04. That was supposed to be the best showcase of the The best league on the planet.

    And like I said, check the ratings. They were abysmal. The game was in a horrible place a decade or so ago and now all of a sudden we’re nostalgic for it?
  20. When it makes more sense to shoot an open shot from 23 feet than one from 10 feet the entire balance of the game is skewed.

    How many off the ball screens did we use this year? When you were playing basketball in high school, what was the biggest pain in the ass as a defender? Mine was guarding someone who continually ran off screens set up by the post players. You hardly ever see that anymore in the game. It's almost like coaches have given up on so many basic concepts....I guess when you only get 30 seconds to shoot they figure why bother, we gotta fire it up at the first halfway decent look we get anyway because we'll run out of time otherwise.
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