DMN: Chad Morris taking SMU back to 1984 as he tries to get Mustangs accustomed to hot start

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  1. DMN: Chad Morris taking SMU back to 1984 as he tries to get Mustangs accustomed to hot start

    By Adam Grosbard, Staff Writer
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    UNIVERSTIY PARK -- SMU's 54-32 win over North Texas last weekend marked a milestone that might be easy to overlook.

    The Mustangs started the season 2-0 for the first time since 2009 and the second time since 1996.

    Sure, you might be unimpressed by a 2-0 start against FCS foe Stephen F. Austin and a Mean Green program the Mustangs have historically owned. But SMU exerted its will in these two games.

  2. In 1984 they went 10-2 (SWC co-champs) and they were under investigation. In 1985 sanctions were announced (3 year probation) and they went 6-5. In 1986 the death penalty was announced and they went 6-5. In 1987 they had no football program, and in 1988 they did not play football.

    Just a suggestion, Chad. Don't emulate the mid-80s at SMU. It's not a good look.

    I dated a girl from SMU through this entire period (including my time at TCU). We couldn't have the same schadenfreude that we currently enjoy with Baylor. It was also not a good time for TCU football.

    Oh, and it's also not a good look to mis-spell the name of your municipality in your by-line.
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  3. This is the difference between TCU and SMU.

    After the Southwest conference break up, TCU looked forward while SMU continue to look backwards and they still do today.

    It is OK to look at the past and celebrate the players, coaches, and championships. But SMU does more than that. They relive the past over and over again. They continue to go back to the past and praise it, relive it, and then blame it on their current situation. Such a beating. No team in all college football does what SMU does to summon up the past.
  4. And . . .

    here's the problem for TCU playing the pitiful ponies:

    Only they ain't quite so pitiful these days. I hope the team takes them seriously enough to avoid a serious disappointment.
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  5. Watch Baylor give summoning the past, etc., etc., their best try beginning about 2019 or maybe 2018.
  6. Let me add there is nothing more defeating than to remind your athletes and recruits that SMU hasn't gone 3-0 since the 80s. If I'm recruiting against SMU, I'm bringing this moment up. That their own coach is reminding everyone that SMU is a loser program. They have to go back to the 80s for motivation. That is really pitiful.
  7. I hope TCU isn't ever recruting against SMU
  8. 1984? Do kids really want Trans Ams these days?
  9. Trans is more and more popular.
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  10. He is taking them back?!? Someone hide the hookers.
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