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Diehards: New SMU coach Sonny Dykes raves about Gary Patterson, calls TCU top-15 job in country

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 16, 2018.

  1. Diehards: New SMU coach Sonny Dykes raves about Gary Patterson, calls TCU top-15 job in country

    By Matt Jennings - Diehards

    After a year on the TCU football staff, new SMU coach Sonny Dykes can’t help but appreciate what Gary Patterson has built.

    Dykes joined TCU as an offensive analyst after Cal fired him following the 2016 season. He left the Frogs to become the head coach at SMU in December, but he told 247Sports’ Chris Hummer that working at TCU renewed his enthusiasm after getting discouraged by the lack of support he got with the Golden Bears. Now he wants the Mustangs to invest in their program the same way TCU has.

    “They’ve invested in facilities, they’ve invested in infrastructure,” Dykes said of TCU. “I think the university realizes how important the football program is to the university. … They have one of the top programs in the country now. That’s really because Gary was there and they were able to build his vision.”

    Dykes also said TCU is a “top-15” job in college football today because of that investment from the administration.

    Read more at https://www.diehards.com/tcu/sonny-...u-smu-football-top-15-job-battle-iron-skillet
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  2. So Pony Up.

    SMOOO fans aren't going to like hearing that truth.
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  3. The problem has never been money at SMU.

    It is they have Alumni that cannot be content with donating to the athletic department.

    SMU's wealthy Alumns want to short circuit the recruiting process by literally buying 17 year old high school players and conference championships.

    Rich Mustangs would buy NCAA officials, referees, Judges, opposing coaches, opposing players, and anybody else to guarantee a win and TV coverage.

    Nothing matters to those rich SOB's but 19th hole bragging rights.
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  4. So you are saying they belong in the SEC
  5. You're rough, Froglaw. I like it, because it's probably exactly right.
  6. careful with those stones. if i recall correctly we were in a direct bidding war with smu for some high caliber talent from south dallas back in the day and weren't exactly discreet about it. saw a certain wide receiver and equipment manager from south dallas rolling around on football weekends with a navy lincoln towncar with tan top that was often parked in front of the athletic offices by a certain alum.

    maybe we didn't cheat as much as blatantly or maybe they just did a better job buying talent. always found it interesting how frogs will readily throw that stone at smu instead of focusing on the fact that when both programs got left for dead one university decided to look forward and focus on what might be and another lived in the past.
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  7. Well, we turned ourselves in. They did not, and the rest is history.
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  8. Actually, they kept cheating after they were caught. “Had a payroll to meet.”
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  9. the only one who truly knows his motivations for deciding to go to tom perry and telling him that despite the mandate set down by jim wacker at that first team meeting the payments had continued from certain boosters is kenneth davis.

    some say it was because he was feeling guilty about lying to his head coach, others have said this was only after players at smu were about to drop the dime on tcu. goodness knows what jeff atkins told the ncaa investigators while walking around the practice field at eastern hills that day.

    only kd knows why he decided to tell perry and perry has said if he had to do it all over again he would not have told coach wacker.

    the one thing tcu truly did in that matter which seems to be our mo as seen with the "campus wide drug bust" a few years ago and the "current cheating scandal" is shoot ourselves in the foot trying to prove we were different when in the end all we needed to do was follow the ou model of lawyering up and telling the ncaa to pound sand.

    instead we tell them everything, ban players, ban boosters, and get screwed
  10. Dykes says he wants to position SMU to join the Big 12 in the next round of expansion. SMOOO fans will like hearing that.

    Unfortunately for Dyke's plans, the Big 12 is very unlikely to add any more Texas teams unless one or more of the current ones leave.
  11. actually, we kept the payments going after jim wacker called a team meeting and made it quite clear that taking money from the boosters was to stop immediately,

    it is my understanding that coach wacker made similar comments to the boosters of the tcu programs. whether we had been caught by the ncaa or it merely was one of the worst kept secrets in tarrant county history we were cheating our asses off prior to wacker, despite his specific instructions to players and boosters it kept going, and we can spin it all we want but we cheated -lost a number of games- and then screwed ourselves.

    the ncaa gave smu the death penalty and the powers that be at tcu punished jim wacker for the sins of others, some of which kept their jobs and one is remembered fondly by some.

    we are told a sin is a sin, but screwing over a man the quality of jim wacker while others kept their jobs........ i know i am the odd man out on a number of things here but that was and is still just scheissing wrong
  12. Mamas Pizza couldn’t compete with SMU money. We were rank amateurs and had a coach that thought honesty was the best policy. His honesty earned him a walking death penalty...
  13. maybe though it wasn't just him supplying the cash. one person told me it wasn't a matter of how much was spent, but where the money got spent in reference to smu had defensive linemen like carter, ball, that big d-lineman from michigan, and tcu was buying running backs, wide receivers, and defensive backs.

    it didn't bother me that wacker handled matters how he did, but instead others who were around before stayed after.
  14. Would've preferred that the said top 5 or 10 ( I believe it to be), but acknowledging top 15 is still pretty good from a "rival"
  15. whitewolf was hardly the only person giving spending money to the football team. The only thing I saw that separate TCU and SMU was that SMU was making payments using SMU athletic envelopes...really dumb...vs. just turning a blind eye to overzealous alum- which was what TCU and nearly every other school in the country was doing...
  16. Did SMU turn itself in itself in after it got caught?

    Did SMU notify the NCAA or was the scandal uncovered by local media?

    Did SMU immediately ban the offending Boosters?

    Or did SMU just keep cheating until it got the death penalty?

    What TCU did was a parking ticket offense compared to a Craig James not killing of 5 hookers and keeping them in the trunk of his red 442.
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  17. I don’t think SMUs problem is what they did back in the day when everyone was doing something but they were the worst offender

    It’s that after getting the death penalty in football - they chose to continue to cheat to become relevant in basketball also

    as an institution they have never shown remorse really - just mad they got caught and willing to do it again it seems
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  18. hate to tell you, but killer cheated as well
  19. I don’t know if he did or not, but what is the point of even bringing this up?
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  20. Killer stole his shift key.

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