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Dickies Arena Question

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by rifram09, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. My condolences
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  2. isn't that against the laws of nature?

    I thought we got aggies the same way middle earth got orcs
  3. Is xfl going to be played inside like arena? Why would xfl play at dickies arena?
  4. Well with that $5 mil for getting rid of tOSU home and home...
  5. Full size field and there's rumors Globe Life Park could be an option Arlington doesn't decide to demolish it.
  6. Last I heard the compressor at WRMC was broken but that was 4-5 years ago. A big part of why you never see the Brahmas play there. When they were still minors (they are now junior hockey) they would play several games a year at TCCC, which is 1. cavernous for smaller crowds; 2 has horrible sight lines.

    I've seen the hockey Frogs beat UT in OT up at Nytex, the facility in North Richland Hills. They were playing on the side rink, not the main ice where the Brahmas play. It's a club sport and was relatively small time.
  7. I surely hope the UIL considers moving the State Tournament to the Dickies Arena. As a HS coach I loathe the Alamodome. Horrible basketball venue.
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  8. What an excellent thought. Has this been discussed with UIL?
  9. Money talks, bul...er...everything else walks.
  10. does ft worth have enough hotel rooms for that many fans?

    the very reason they left austin was because of difficulty in finding affordable hotel space with other events happening in austin
  11. There has been a growing push from us girls coaches to have it somewhere else if the boys want to keep it in SA. San Antonio is perfect in terms of hotels and touristy things near the Alamodome. But it's just not a good place for a basketball game.

    I've heard the UIL wants a venue that seats at least 10k. Dickies would meet that criteria obviously. And I do believe there is enough rooms, and no conflict of major events in the area that I can think of.

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