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Dickies Arena Question

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by rifram09, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. So, with the XFL allegedly coming to DFW, I started wondering whether Dickies Arena is set up to host football. I think not. In all of the press releases I haven’t seen football listed, but was curious if anyone knows whether that was possible?


    In a related issue, it would be awesome for TCU to use Dickies as the home location for a TCU men’s and women’s hockey program. With that venue already paid for, how much would it cost to get those programs off the ground?
  2. Making ice is very expensive. Not sure if TCU can make the costs work for Hockey. Much more affordable to rent ice time from hockey facility in NRH.
  3. And very illegal.
  4. Interesting. Didn’t realize that.
  5. Zamboni prices have skyrocketed...
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  6. No, it is not large enough for football unless it's of the flag variety. It may not even be large enough for an NHL regulation rink, certainly not Olympic sized. You'll be surprised by the quaintness and intimacy of the arena.
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  7. Thanks a lot Sauidi prince.
  8. I like your notion of TCU hockey. What is preferable is a multipurpose ice facility in FTW like over at NRH that can run youth and adult leagues mixed in with figure skating and free skate. TCU renting ice time for hockey in that scenario is much more economical.
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  9. Roller Derby! Can they do banked track roller derby at The Dickie?
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  10. But these will not be plain vanilla zambonies. They are going to be purple Horned Frog zambonies with big horns. If you install an extra seat or two on them, people will pay good money to ride them with the operator, which will help defray the cost. Plus, how cool would it be to have TCU mens and womens hockey teams in the Frozen Four?
  11. Will Rogers can do ice. TCCC does ice also.
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  12. A fortune
  13. TCU hockey is a club sport. Not NCAA sanctioned. TCU does not play for an NCAA hockey natty.
  14. For D1 schools the closest are a handful in Denver and Alabama Huntsville.
  15. Lol we can't even fill up our football stadium. TCU hockey?
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  16. women's hockey....... i would love to see the meltdown by the pro softball crowd
  17. how about both? It is still INSANE that TCU does not have softball.
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  18. If TCU had softball, I wouldn’t have as many Aggies in my family. My wife’s cousin played for A&M.
  19. so one
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  20. Unfortunately she married an Aggie, who had Aggie family, and they had Aggie children.

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