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Daylon Mack makes an ESPN Top 10 List


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I'm sorry Wes, I'm not trying to break the filter.

These "articles" are total and complete [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ].
The "writers" of these articles are washed up scheissing cowards.
The "writers" are writing about kids who are doing more than .1% ever will
The "writers" are writing about athletes who do not receive a true paycheck, yet the "writers" make money off of the kids.
The "writers" can go jump off a cliff.
Individuals blessed with talent frequently fail to live up to their exalted potential and expectations. The absence of

desire, motivation and proper preparedness are often among the contributing factors.


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Who are the 5 greatest defensive tackles of all time?



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Seriously though, years ago at a coaching event, Patterson made a remark that didn’t sink in for me for a long time. He said “the players you miss aren’t what kills you, it’s the ones that sign and don’t work out.”

Years later as someone who spends a copious amount of time interviewing lawyers to expand my organization, I have felt the brunt of the “he can do the job” mentality. The time investment into people who don’t want to excel is never regained.

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