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DAL/DFW: Anyone flown in or out of either recently? Ghost Town or Chaos?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by InstaFrog, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. No idea what's going on at either and have to make a trip.
  2. Ghost town at DFW. Madhouse at DAL FBOs.
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  3. If it's Love it will be Southwest.
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  4. All the airports I have been in the last 6 days have been mostly ghost towns. All my other airline pilot friends have said the same. Very few people in any airports.
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  5. Flew Saturday....out of Love Field.

    Only 25 people on my flight. Next gate over those going from Love to Houston had 10.
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  6. My flight out of Love today reminded me of a prop plane I flew from Queretaro to Mexico City a few years ago. The 30 or so people on board today almost looked to be spread out to balance the plane as we had to on the prop plane.
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  7. Fixed Base Operator - used for private aircraft, not commercial airlines. Think of Texas Jet at Meacham. The large airports have them too for private aircraft.
  8. Thanks, but I knew what an FBO was. I was just clarifying by mentioning Southwest.
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  9. flights keep getting canceled. didn't want to go to a bunch of crap meetings anyway.

    scheiss 'em

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    American considering grounding the majority of their fleet. Already 170 widebodies sitting in Tulsa, 76 narrowbodies and 20 more 757s parking today.
  11. Flights are flying virtually empty. Airlines will be going bankrupt. Well them and the rest of us.
  12. they’ll get bailed out. But we’re going to see a shift in business travel now that everybody knows they can get by with Zoom.
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  13. Flew out of Las Vegas last week....Got to the security gate and walked straight to the screener..Literally not another soul in the line....I thought I was in the damn twilight zone episode.....Absolutely floored me.
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  14. Looking at airfare for some of next season's games (assuming there is a next season). I can get airfare from NYC to DFW for the OU game $90 roundtrip. Think I'll take a chance on a pair.
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  15. Negative notion, I know, but at this point I'm feeling good about a 2020 football season....
  16. Should say "not feeling good about a 2020 football season"....
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  17. Fixed it for you....

    I did actually run into Ron at the airport on the way out of Vegas probably 5 years ago.. Nice guy and took a selfie with me at the Ruby's burger joint. Thank god for a Ruby's grease bomb before a long flight home..Ron could have used a shower. Probably me too, but he was on a bender and smelled like a mix of BO, booze and baby powder. Go figure. He was supposedly at the Spearmint Rhino all night.

  18. Google tells me he’s still alive. How’s that even possible given the life he’s led.
  19. he is immune to everything but the boondock saints
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