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DAL/DFW: Anyone flown in or out of either recently? Ghost Town or Chaos?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by InstaFrog, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. Watched DFW this morning and not much activity. Appears they were only using one runway & around 5 minutes between takeoffs. Plus a large number of aircraft just parked away from the terminals.
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  2. Where are people going at this point? The company I work for employs upwards of 50,000 people world wide and no one is allowed to travel business related, domestic or foreign.
  3. Just not on the pottie
  4. I was the only one on DFW-LAX today.
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  5. I think they may have lost money on that flight. Did you happen to ask if you could sit in with the pilots?
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  6. Here's tmmrws pricing thru May:

  7. Whoa
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  8. I fly abt 500,000 miles commercial/private p/yr and have never seen the skies so empty. Cray.
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  9. Were you also the sky marshall?
  10. If United goes out of business I won’t shed one tear. United is asshoe!
  11. #privatebrag
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  12. asshoe
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  13. I almost responded with "do you drive to the hanger on auto-pilot in your Tesla? Any tickets along the way?," but I decided to refrain even after you called me an asshoe.

    *don't ban me*
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  14. nah take the chopper to the hanger instead. No speed limits in the air.
  15. Haha. Atta boy
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  16. no, sweat equity pulled a vince young and instead of renting a private jet he simply bought every ticket on the flight
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  17. Flew last week on SW from Dallas to Denver. 30% Occupancy, had entire row of seats to myself.
    Return Flight Same thing. Denver Terminal relatively empty, lots of people wearing masks.

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