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  1. Ok, but I wish I had a dollar every time I've heard X player is going to get drafted in Round Y, and then they end up getting drafted in Round Y minus 3 or 4, if they even get drafted at all. The NFL is hard. Really really hard. I thought Stansly Mopanga was a heck of a college player and he got drafted in the 5th round and he never made it off a practice squad, so he was actually overdrafted.
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  2. There were a lot of people last year who thought Sewo should be taking carries away from Hicks based on a very small sample size. Now there are lots of people who think he has no future as a RB based on a very small sample size.

    Why is there a need to project the entire careers these guys are going to have as soon as we see them play just a little bit? I know it makes for a boring conversation but maybe it's worth it to wait until guys have a little more time on the field before making sweeping judgments about their futures, positive or negative.
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  3. Maponga was not an explosive athlete. Banogu is very explosive. He will be drafted a lot higher than Maponga whenever he comes out. Obviously, that doesn't automatically mean he will succeed, anymore than a player going un-drafted means they will automatically not succeed in the NFL
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  4. Both on the small side as well.
  5. Because that's what message boards are for....to discuss the pros and cons of moving guys and other deals. Duh...haha.

    And to me...just me...23 games of seeing Sewo play or more importantly...not seeing Sewo play...is not a small sample. That's half his career pretty much. Even tho he's done decent in the wildcat I would categorize these past 2 years as a waste of his true abilities. Just my opinion...
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  6. Talking to some coaches who have faced Barber they think he is closer to 5'10" or taller which would put him close to Hicks' size coming out of Martin and just a bit shorter than Anderson.

    Henry is definitely on the shorter side.
  7. Hopefully Sewo will get enough carries to give a good idea of his potential as an RB. Hopefully he will be the good big back so many have longed for (how many times has someone complained here about using small backs on the goal line? And by small backs, based on what I have read, I mean under 215...and under 6'. Now we have a chance to have one and many of the same people say we need small quick backs. Sigh.) Anyway, if he looks good at that position, then YAY!...if not the coaches will have a talk with him and he will or will not switch. Point is we don't know now.
    I for one am pulling for Sewo to get in the groove. Knowing what you are doing makes you play a whole lot quicker and faster.
  8. It's an understandable point of view. I just think the very limited number of carries besides wildcat or mop up duty still make for a small sample size.

    I do know my wait and see approach is much more boring and doesn't make for great message board content, so I understand the desire to discuss. I just get a little uncomfortable seeing our fans totally write guys off early in their careers when we have plenty of examples of players who do very little or nothing for two years and turn into All-Americans in their final year or two.
  9. Well we’ve NEVER seen him play DE so it’s hard to say what his true abilities even are. Give him a game where he gets 13-15 touches and let’s see what he can do maybe???
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  10. Yea...And that may happen this weekend...especially if we are fortunate enough to get a big lead early.
  11. Why would anyone think Sewo would be a good DE? He’s literally never played the position, unless he was a DE in middle school. He lacks lateral quickness and explosiveness, which are pretty important for a DE. He’s powerful, he’s fast when he gets running, and he’s got a mean streak when he blocks. Great traits for a successful RB, which he will be.
  12. Totally unfair. He has 8 tackles and 1 sack.
  13. Besides Sewo being a great athlete...lets assume we recruited him because we saw the success of the big tall backs at Bayou Bung Hole and Roll [ Orgeron ] and we wanted to see him do that at TCU. The question is, are we giving him the same opportunity as those two got? When we see those dudes on the highlight reel they are running through a gaint hole in the middle in which the team has two levels blocked. It is hard to stop someone that big when they are at full speed because they are ten yards into the defense before someone touches them.
  14. He was speculated to be a linebacker not dend. He will do well as Rb just watch
  15. Question of the week:

    Are there more healthy RB's or Long Snappers currently listed on the TCU roster?

    Answer: you don't want the answer.

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