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  1. Give him one cut max if needed and let him eat yards. If he had just a bit more explosiveness I’d like to see him running the inside zone but he seems better at running the slant at the tackles.
  2. u mad, bro?
  3. I think the closer Sewo cones to the end of his career (meaning this spring) the quicker HE will realize his future at the next level is on defense...and he will make the switch on his own.

    When he sees a similar athlete like Ben B drafted in the at worst 2nd round while he's getting 5 carries and 20 snaps a game on offense...he's gonna realize if he wants to not have a real job in 2 years he's gonna have to play D.

    We are gonna have at least 1 starting DE position open, maybe 2 next year without a ton of depth. With his size, speed and the fact that you don't need a ton of experience to make an immediate impact...he could become a major force next year and an All-American in 2019. And a 2nd round draft pick in 2020.
  4. Too late? Ummmm...Joel Lanning went from Qb to LB in one season and will likely be drafted. Sewo appears more physically gifted. That being said, I hope he sticks at RB.
  5. Jerry Hughes 2 Electric Boogaloo
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  6. Maybe we should see how he does over the next few games. As it stands right now, RB depth next season looks pretty thin as it is given the frequency of injuries at that position.
  7. Bruce’s final scream from The Chinese Connection being played backwards. Cool!

  8. It has been my impression that Sewo needs more carries to get some rhythm. Big backs need time, it seems. I didn't want it to happen by an injury, but here it is. He has the body for 20+ carries per game. I want to see how he does after multiple carries. 4.4 carries per game isn't enough for an inexperienced back. 59 carries in 23 games over two years (2.57 cpg) is not enough to see what he can do. And many of those carries were on short yardage. I want to see him get more passes on the outside.

    I certainly am excited to see what happens.
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  9. We definitely need him Saturday, hope he shows out
  10. Better start recruiting some RB then or you’re one injury (and he’s already got one) from having either a guy who’s been playing WR for 3 years and gets hurt a lot or a 175 lb guy with like 5 career carries as your every down back. Good luck with that.
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  11. Ryan. Christian. Back!
  12. Until Sat the majority of his totes were out of the wild frog..He's powerful but not all that laterally quick...I think he's gonna need a lead blocker to really get going down hill..We don't run that much with a lead blocker so that could be problematic for Sewo...I look forward to seeing what he can do with 10-12 carries in a game.
  13. I've always considered RBs are a ton easier to find then big-time DEs, which I think Sewo can become.

    But you're right...we need some RBs quick and I wouldn't be surprised if we grab a graduate transfer this spring. Plus if Sewo agrees to switch, I think we could easily flip a number of guys committed somewhere else before signing date.
  14. I’d rather just keep Banogu, get Bowen healthy, and take my chances with one of the young guys emerging over moving Sewo to DE and taking some generic grad transfer or late flip that we only take out of necessity.
  15. So you have been wrong all this time?
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  16. The question about Snell is one I have seen asked frequently, but not answered.

    Anyone hear or read anything about him? I don't think he is the answer at RB at his size, but I don't recall him in the rotation in the slot as well.

    In regards to RB's next year Frogs in a position to sign one in Henry and I am not so sure Ty Barber could not help at the RB position.
  17. He is in GP's Witness Protection Program.
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  18. I think if Ben gets a 2nd round grade or better he's gone...and thats probably a 50/50 proposition at this point. Bowen never seems healthy so that's obviously a risk. So that kinda just leaves Collier and some unproven guys.

    I think a lot will depend on whether Ben declares or not...but with DA being the obvious starter the next 2 years Id rather have Sewo as a starting DE and then find a backup RB.

    I'd love to see Sewo and Ben or Bowen coming off the edge together next year. Seems very scary.
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  19. This isn't a knock against Banogu, who I think has been a very solid player for us, but I would be totally shocked if he got a 2nd round grade or better. He's going to need to get A LOT bigger if he plans on being an effective DE in the NFL. And I know what Mel Kiper said.
  20. Ben projects and will be an OLB in the NFL or a 3-4 DE. I think he absolutely has the athleticism to play either and has an NFL-ready body and frame.

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