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  1. I’m still not a fan but there was a couple throw away calls in the 2nd half that may have brought me more joy then should have.

    1.He ran a power counter..I know stupid but instead of the damn stretch he went to a power counter that he hasn’t run all year and Sewo got a first down behind 3 lead blockers..loved it

    2.He used Big body John Stephens in the slot which really gave us some matchups on the inside/out ..Again finally Something that looked like an OC

    If we can continue to revamp, shift some, and let Duggan use his feet we might be able to rescue this season
  2. Thought Cumbie did well tonight. Didn’t like the last Wild Frog call.
  3. The wild frog needs to go

    al we do is Telegraph the play change it up or use someone other than sewo

    heres. Crazy idea use our best RB DARIUS ANDERSON
  4. “Didn’t like” is massively understating how I felt about it.
  5. Good news bad news situation. The wildfrog will be graduating with Sewo. However, in the second half, Cumbie essentially guaranteed he’s going to be wearing a headset next fall.

    Lucky us; we’ll get to see the next iteration of the wildfrog in the new redzone exotic package.

    My initial thoughts would be that the next exotic package will work well and be exciting for the first year, much like the wildfrog was. Longterm, I don’t have much faith in Cumbie’s ability as a full sheet OC, or his ability to adapt.

    In fairness; I will add that judging by today’s game Cumbie has obviously worked very hard with Max on the situational velocity and trajectory of his throws the past week. Which is a great sign seeing as that was apparently not stressed last year with Robinson even though it was apparent to anyone with eyes. You could be right that this game will serve as a turning point for the program, Cumbie included. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    Also in before anyone turns this into a bit about exotic packages. @LisaLT

    Go Frogs
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  6. I heard @LisaLT also liked our Tight End packages.
  7. Safe to say that if Cumbie miraculously returns next years as OC, it will be because Max rescued him from the unemployment line. There was still a hell of lot more bad than good out of SC.

    Max being able to hit a few deep balls made the windows and running lanes much bigger. It had nothing to do with SC scheming to get him bigger windows and throwing lanes
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  8. Seriously? You can't even give the guy a pat on the back after a big win? You immediately have to go into everything bad from today is Cumbie's fault and none of the good had anything to do with him.

    Edit: Didn't even realize you're the one who started the thread with positive things to say. Forget to switch to a different account?
  9. Duggan will make cumbie look better.
  10. I gave him credit for things I thought were better..Still don’t think he’s the answer. I’m glad you do.
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    Threw the ball across the middle and used tight end. Hit the deep ball. All positives!!
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    I fired Cumbie on the spot on the direct snap to Sewo on that 4th quarter drive. But GP didn’t hear me.
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  13. Today was the most animated/worked up I ever remember seeing Cumbie. Thought he was going to swallow his gum.
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  14. He’s had good games from time to time. Consistency has always alluded him.

    Texas looked really lost on the drive before the half, and going back to the hurry up 4 wide in the second half was probably his best move of the year so far.
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  15. Texas defense has looked lost a lot this year. I think we’re all forgetting how bad their defense actually is given how decimated it has been.
  16. Mixing up the pass game was a good move by Cumbie, as was getting Duggan more involved in the run game. But he’s still very predictable and doesn’t adapt well to the game.

    I’m not sure if it was a switch by the Texas defense or if our receivers were finally executing a good scheme, but in the second half we pretty consistently had guys open in the middle of the field. We didn’t hit all of them, but it was overall really good.

    Despite the good, the Wild Frog alone is bad enough that he shouldn’t be calling plays. We only run three plays out of it, two of which go the same direction. Every team we play knows what we’re doing.

    so yeah there were some positives tonight. Hopefully we will build on them. But overall Cumbie is still not very good.
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    Not taking anything away from this win, but Texas actually gave up fewer yards than their season average today.
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  18. Actually, he spit it out, picked it back up and then put it back in his mouth—all on camera... What a guy from Tech.
  19. the game to me really was a microcosm of the year offensively and did a great job of summing up the various things that have been such a big frustration.

    sonny showed us the counter i have been asking for all freaking year and think it should be a staple in this offense.

    we saw the frogs attacking deep in the second half and like some of the things we saw in the passing game with intermediate routes.

    37 points and over 400 yards against any defense for the way this offense has played at times was a very good day and i think as countryfrog pointed out should be appreciated.

    i hated the resistance to push the tempo when it appeared texas was unsettled on defense and they have no depth in the secondary and their defensive line. no calling for running a hurry up, but it would be okay to snap the ball with 10 seconds on the play call if the defense isn't settled or reeling a bit

    max still at times is very frustrating and while i have no idea what sonny said on the sideline you could see him over talking and working with him. couple of second half drives got killed because max missed very makeable throws on third down

    the ceiling for this offense is high even with the loss of lucas as i believe if the frogs can truly develop a dependable passing game they can challenge teams on the ground and in the air.

    big question is do we see more progress next week from max and sonny
  20. total yard stats get skewed in the frogs games because such an effort is made to purposely slow down the pace of play.

    consider the frogs had the ball for almost 33 minutes and only ran 68 plays from scrimmage and the 6.4 yards per play are texas seasonal average allowed to their 7 opponents
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