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CU vs Colorado St OT


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I saw that but wouldn’t that still mean they go second in the second ot?
No because CSU gets the choice in the second OT.

I know it seems like OT in college does alternating possessions to start each period because practically that's what it ends up being nearly 100% of the time but actually it's alternating choices. Since Colorado did the thing that no one ever does and took the ball first in OT #1 then this is what you end up with.


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Colorado St. coach had a chance to end the game with a walk off 2-pt conversion and chose to tie it up.

20-pt underdogs, non-conference game.

What the hell do you have to lose?!
Something about wearing sunglasses and hats during interviews. This was "personal."

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Obviously, there’s no way to be sure because there was no audio of the conversation, but it looked like Shedeur was confused during the coin flip before OT.

CU won the toss and when the ref asked him, Sanders appeared to point toward the end zone he was facing, but the referee shook his head and said something else.

Again, Shedeur pointed to the end of the field and the head ref seemed to smile condescendingly while he spoke patiently to him, like a father explaining to a child.

I wondered if Sanders tried to “choose” the end AND the 2nd possession, while the referee was saying something like, “Sorry son, but you can’t choose both - just one.”

Again, there was no audio, and I can’t read lips, so that’s pure supposition on my part, and probably terribly unfair to Shedeur Sanders, so I apologize if I’m wrong.

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