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COVID takes another long-time supporter

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Nov 27, 2020.

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    Susan Nix, wife of Kent Nix, passed away from COVID-19.

    Prayers to the Nix family and friends.
  2. May she rest in peace.
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  3. Wow... my mom went to school with her. Very sad news. And coincidentally my mom just recovered from COVID.
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    I’m happy to hear your mom recovered! Much to be thankful for.

    Very sad about Susan Nix. Horrible virus. Prayers for her husband and family.
  5. A couple years ago my son and I had decided to go to the HoF Game and watch LT's induction. Prior to that I was walking through Colonial and I looked over and saw LT sitting with Sue Nix in the Cork Room. Knowing Sue well, I didn't hesitate to walk over and tell LT that my son and I would be traveling to Canton to watch his enshrinement. Sue, knowing me by name asked for my address. A week later I received an invite to LTs private reception. My son got to meet Drew Brees, Emmitt Smith, Dan Fouts, Eric Dickerson, Lawrence Taylor, etc.

    I have always appreciated Sue and her overwhelming generosity.
  6. She was indeed a very nice and upbeat lady.. So sorry to hear.
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  7. My deepest sympathy to the Nix family. Susan was such a wonderful person and devoted Horned Frog.
  8. Our prayers to the Nix family. We are so sorry, and send a hug to all of you.
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  9. Susan was one of the greatest people I have ever known

    and she and Kent were truly the perfect couple - they recently celebrated 55 years together - that is a life worth living for sure

    I have been devastated since I learned of her passing yesterday...

    TCU, Colonial and all of Ft Worth were the best when she was involved

    Godspeed my friend and prayers to everyone she touched and loved her
  10. So sad, was such a great supporter of TCU and FW!
  11. Condolences to the Nix family. RIP
  12. Memory Eternal

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