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Could this be a “win now” kind of season?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Froggish, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. You can’t lose 2 DEs in the first 2 rounds of the draft and go into the next season saying this will be the best defense ever fielded. Sure Mathis and Blackshear are highly touted but we aren’t exactly Clemson and Bama yet that churn out top 2 round draft picks every year on the DL
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  2. This explains the Ferrari F1 team's season...
  3. Gary always seems to figure out defensive ends. I'm not worried. See Devonte Fields' Big XII freshman defensive player of the year award for details. This season is going to come down to Cumbie's play calling and quarterback completion percentage and minimal turnovers. We have everything else we need minus Jaden Oberkrom.
  4. Love the optimism, but who’s under center for this 12-1 run?
  5. Coy McMillian or one of the Aledo kids. If it's Coy, he needed to add another 15lbs this summer. We were not calling out defensive formations last season walking up to the line of scrimmage like Joey Hunt or Jake Kirkpatrick would and general strategizing communications between our lineman before the snap seemed to be absent as well AND it seemed like our center last year had hearing difficulties when Shawn Robinsin called for the snap. Hollis seems like a nice kid who wants to make a difference Put him at guard.
  6. "You never count your victories when you're sittin' at the computer....there'll be time enough

    for countin' when the season's done"
  7. Word
  8. Comes down to Cumbie’s ability to develop a coherent game plan and adjust that game plan to what’s happening in the game. He’s shown a real inability to come up with adjustments, so hopefully this is the year. If it isn’t then I think it’ll be his last as a coordinator.
  9. The OKST game was pretty impressive for what he had to work with.
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  10. Thank you Sean Connery
  11. I’m talking QB under center. Not who’s at center. We’re going to need a QB to step up to manage 12 wins.
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  12. I do not think this is a "win now" season, but I do think if we have competent to good QB play we have a chance to get back to the Big 12 CCG in Arlington. Odd numbered years are always hard with games in Stillwater and Norman. With Iowa State's emergence games in Aimes are no joke now too.

    I do think we have great talent all over the field on both sides of the ball. Really the only question marks we have on the entire team are DE and QB (and maybe a couple spots on OL).
  13. It's going to be Delton to start then Collins then Duggan. They will have to determine if they want to burn Duggan's redshirt if he runs the offense better than the other two coming out of Fall Camp. If that's the case, it will be Duggan, then Delton, then Collins.

    Regardless, I like our options this season and our locker room spirit is supposedly way better going into this Fall Camp.
  14. Fantastic point.

    Everyone wrongly blamed Del Conte for replacing the home and home with the move to Cowboys stadium.

    That was 100% Gary’s decision and as cool as it would have been to host Ohio State in Fort Worth, and travel to Columbus, Gary’s decision was extremely calculated and wise IMO.

    Playing Ohio State on the road this year would have brought very little upside (winning the big 12 is all we *should* need to do to get a playoff bid... having a big out of conference win isn’t completely needed anymore) and a lot of downside risk (additional risk of injuries and a likely early season loss that would be crippling to our momentum and confidence).

    Now instead, we get what should be a manageable Purdue team and more than a month of winnable games to help establish confidence, momentum, and a comfortable QB.

    Winning leads to confidence, confidence leads to good team chemistry, and good team chemistry leads to better practices and better on field performances.

    TLDR: Thank goodness we aren’t playing Ohio State this year. Not playing that game early in the season could be the difference between an 7-5 to 8-4 season vs a 10-2 season from a confidence and momentum perspective.
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  15. I think this is the year the short side option works! Finally no big 12 defense will see that coming. Also running a 170 pound receiver up the middle on third and one then again on fourth and one will work. Especially if we don’t use a lead blocker! Finally when we throw for two yards on third and eight our receiver will make everyone miss and pick up that first down!
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  16. I get your point but DE is just a read and react position in GPs Def. Athleticism does well in GPs system and so I think it’s easier for younger more inexperienced players to find success early. The safety and LB spots are much more difficult to digest.
  17. scheiss ohio state
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  18. you can say whatever you want, the key is does the play of the defense reflect those words.

    big key here is to remember that playing football involves 11 on a side and rarely is dominated by an individuals efforts as in basketball.

    no one expects mathis, blackshear and the other defensive ends to provide the level of production that frogs got individually from lj and ben.

    what gary expects is the 11 on the field at any given time do their jobs and what history has taught us is that if the frog defenders do that things work out well for tcu.

    finally, the frogs are getting a few pieces back that they didn't have last year for all or part of the season which i think can have as equally as big an impact on this year's defense as ben and lj last year.

    big ross might provide tcu the first true inside pass rush they have had in quite some time and when i saw that i mean extending past joining the big 12. outside pressure is nice, but consistent interior pressure absolutely destroys offenses and ross' return allows bethley to slide back to the spot he played in 2017 where he flashed some disruptive potential inside.

    if that happens it makes things tougher to double outside which means a better matchup for the ends.

    gaines was having a monster year when he went down and i think his loss really gets lost to some people, but he might have been the frogs best defender when he went down with the injury. his game against ohio state was text book for an impactful safety in a gary patterson defense and i think he will benefit from having a deep safety who can cover some ground behind him in trevon.

    words are nice and production is what matters, but i keep recall the scene in the movie money ball where pitt keeps asking the table of scouts what they are actually trying to do with their roster decisions.
  19. We have 4 or 5 QB's who have the talent to compete in division one. With this bunch of talent, I can't help but think that Oky State or Tech (under Kingsbury) would have at least one or two QBs who would light up the scoreboard and would be a major force. Question is, do we have the coaching to take advantage? I sure hope so. Hope Cumbie finishes the season at the top of every coaching vacancy list! But I am worried.

    No excuses on offense this year...and I mean the passing game.
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  20. Don't sleep on Purdue....

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