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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by DaCrief, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. Well...that didn't last long

  2. I never understand nor like Twitter. I cannot get this tweet to load on 3 different devices and all I see on the Conner Maye Twitter is good stuff as recent about 4 hours ago.
  3. He deleted the tweet, that's why it won't load. It said that he was quitting football because he'd lost the passion to play it ....... more or less.
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  4. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that...
  5. This one pisses me off...not only did the coaches waste a bunch of time recruiting this guy but he also wastes a 2017 scholarship that could have gone somewhere else...probably to another grad transfer or juco guy.
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    I'd like to cast a big "So what." This kid has yanked our chain from the very beginning.
  7. Don't think he's on scholarship. Plan was to put him on in 2018. Good decision by our coaches if that's correct, and i think it is
  8. I read and it makes sense that he would have to be on scholly in 2017 because he is sitting out the year but still a member of the team and still practicing...just like any other transfer is.
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    Was this the Iowa St kid?

    EDIT: U of Minn. my mistake.
  11. I believe he is not at TCU yet, the plan was for him to join Spring semester of 2018 so he wouldn't count against 2017 scholarships.
  12. So we have lost 2 future offensive linemen in 2 days--not good
  13. Who was the other one?
  14. Q. White--incoming freshman from Washington--didn't do what he was supposed to do to qualify.
  15. his twitter seems like he was still at the U of Minn in may taking classes - so that would indicate he was not here yet.
  16. Wow. This surprises and disappoints me.
  17. Don't think he's on scholarship. Plan was to put him on in 2018. Good decision by our coaches if that's correct, and I think it is
  18. I stand corrected if that was the case...glad this doesn't vacate a 2017 scholly unnecessarily. Still a huge waste of time on the coaches part.

    That just means Wes Harris can hopefully start at center in 2018.
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    There's a shot bar on 6th Street in Austin called Cheers.

    A while back, shortly after I'd been dumped by my then red headed girl friend, me and a decently large group of friends found ourselves at Cheers one night after a group of TCU students had gone down to Austin for a concert. On the wall they list all the shots they make, one of which is called the Red Headed Slut.

    The break up was still really fresh and I was in a bit of a slump, so my buddy decided to buy a round of red headed slut shots in honor of the "red head" that had just broken up with me for everyone in our group, which included girls that were fairly close friends with my ex. It was pretty awkward because a few of the girls refused to take the shot because the red head was their friend, which was fine because that just meant more shots for the rest of us.

    Anyway, it became a tradition that any time we find ourselves on 6th street (which is thankfully not very often) the entire group has to end our night at Cheers with some Red Headed Sluts.

    Connor Mayes, you are the new red headed slut. Next time I have a red headed slut shot, it will be in honor of you.
  20. Maniac bringing the heat!

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