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  1. colt might as well be a kicker eating like that
  2. Mathis is a stud! Although he does have to “play” every down. He’s a beast when he wants to be.
  3. Can you refer to all three plays he has tried this year then? I would rather have a guy give it his all and pressure the QB. That guy is not Mathis, have watched every snap he has taken in the last two years, not impressed.
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  4. C70E345C-9DB8-421E-B65D-F6DA24FA357D.gif
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  5. He seems to go with the same approach the Offensive staff does. If a player is getting it done, they are quickly pulled off the field not to be seen the rest of the game.
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  6. In fairness he had a decent game against UT. That's all I've got...I'm out.

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