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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WyomingFrog, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. Anyone know where he is ?

    He was starter at DE last season and did a pretty doggone good job as a frosh.

    Can we hire a private detective to find out where he is hibernating this season ? Haven't seen him at all/

    Still on the team ?

    Did he give up football and move to Thailand ?

    Has anyone seen him or heard anything ? Why the crap is he not in the mix when we have a full slate of jokers playing DE this year ? Makes no sense.
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  2. Dressed and on sideline all 3 games. No idea on answers, but I have seen him personally every game.
  3. And I hate myself for feeding the troll. But I do know a definitive answer on his whereabouts for the three home games. My pure guess is he must not be 100% for some unknown reason. But he is there and suited up.
  4. And by the way, we have founda player in Coleman at DE
  5. He has played. Listed on the participation report.
  6. Surprised Ellison isn’t playing more/some. I’m not sure what the staff loves so much about 32? I’m not seeing it
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  7. Unless it was the other guy wearing #44 (Ben Reppenhagen), I saw him in on special teams, perhaps as a blocking back on field goals/extra points.
  8. if you paid attention to wyoming frog you would have your answer on mathis. actually as it was from wyoming frog you might not actually have an answer
  9. In fairness....he would have had "an" answer.
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  10. So is Wyoming Frog the QAnon of KFF?
  11. Has he offered an opinion on pedophilia?
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  12. Gary always says he evaluates the QB on how he does on Saturdays. Why doesn't he use the same ruler for his DEs? Mathis and Workman are not getting it done. Let's see what Ellison can do. He did pretty well for a true freshman last year..
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  13. 100% correct, Mathis looks talented but also looks like he does not know what he is doing. He stands up and never gets leverage on the OTs and he looks like he does not know how to use his hands. He generates next to zero pass rush.
    Workman is a hard worker and gives it is all and actually generates a little rush at times. He lacks the talent to be an every down guy. From what I saw last year, Ellison knows how to play the game and has more talent then Workman. I have no idea why he is not playing, I also have no idea why the LSU transfer is not playing on obvious passing downs.
  14. Lost you at “Gary always says”
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  15. Marcel Brooks is hurt. We need to pin this at the top of the board right under "Cumbie doesn't call plays anymore".
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  16. so know one in our aledo mafia knows anything about colt that they can post on this board?
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  17. I'm not in the Aledo mafia but I did eat pumpkin pancakes with Colt this morning.
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  18. this would explain why colt isn't playing, no self respecting defensive end would even consider eating mashed up gourd
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  19. There's also a sprinkle of cinnamon in there

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