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Colonial. June.11-14??

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Woo-hoo! The course should be in great shape by then.
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    Hot as hell! Also, no fans of course.
  3. Fire up the dump trucks full of ice for the greens!
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  4. Sounds like I'll be watching it at a cool 72 degrees. Like most years.
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  5. The week before the US Open. Will that help or hurt?

    Also not nearly as hot as in July or August...ugh! Probably need to double the first aid and water stations. Gonna be grim on a hot day around #13 with all those sugary Margaritas!
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  6. It’s not the week before the US Open.
  7. Early June won't be as hot as say....August or even early September.

    I just hope that the big names have missed out so much, and want to bring back golf with a bang, by actually showing up for Colonial this year. There shouldn't be any conflicts.

    They should take all of the money on the cancelled tournaments and put it on Colonial.

    Notice no Byron Nelson listed....
  8. I predict Byrson Nelson won’t be on the PGA tour schedule within 5-10 years
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  9. I would think most golfers will want to play just to shake off the rust.
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  10. No fans on the golf coarse?
    A lack of drama due to no fan interaction. How boring!
  11. Of all the major sports, golf is probably the one that will be the least awkward with no fans.
  12. Yep, by far the least awkward.

    Heck, probably half the tournaments you watch on TV, if you count all the tours and those overseas tournaments shown on Golf Channel, have very few fans. Might have a grandstand around 18 that is about 25% full but that's about it.
  13. after the tournament is over and the greens are truly dead - the Board that has been pushing for the Gil Hanse redesign will be able to get their agenda through regardless of cost.
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  14. I’m curious what the redesign would look like
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  15. It will be strange if they do not have ropes up.

    Definitely a great year to Marshall.
  16. well I missed the first in person presentation due to another commitment and then they had to cancel the last one because of everything going on

    But supposedly he is focused on trying to bring back the design philosophy that the course originally had but in a modern equipment world.

    You have to be an old man like me to remember some of the early designs we lost - but the most obvious is #8 that used to run almost 90 degrees from the current direction with the green down by the creek. All that was lost when the river authority forced the tee to move and so they moved the green also. Plus the creek has become a trash collector more than a moving water way.

    #3 would be changed back to more how it was before the three bunkers were placed inside the dog leg and we lost the protective tree through the fairway

    #4 would be adjusted to allow a run up shot to occur again.

    #5 I thought I heard they were talking about opening the right side up a little so you could see the river

    Lots of other things on the back 9.

    My guess is it will be 200 small things that all add up to not feeling like major changes aesthetically but make some big differences in how you play shots off the tee.

    The biggest area of interest to me is the vast differences in green complexes that currently exist. Beyond the argument over what "grass" to use is also the fact that Colonial has about 13 really flat greens and about 5 with tiering.

    The discussions I have been involved with always wondered if some of the greens were designed by Maxwell and others by Bredemus based on the other courses those two designed independently of each other. Or if Mr Leonard has some say given what he did at Shady Oaks on the front nine when he built it in the 50's.
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  17. hope not, he has been dead a good 12-15 years
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  18. With the PGA HQ moving to Frisco, I imagine they will try to keep a local tournament on the schedule.

    The Byron Nelson is moving to McKinney's Craig Ranch for the next few years.
  19. wont need Marshalls or anyone else meant to deal with the public.

    guessing beyond the official scorer and shotlink person - there won't be many volunteers actually on the course.

    Range staff, cart staff and tournament operations can be done with all existing club employees and the members that run those committees

    score related volunteers are probably the only real volunteers that will be needed

    If you look at how the Nike Collegiate tournament is run - it will be basically the same thing.

    Won't be surprised if they try and find members to do all of that actually just to limit logistical issues.

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