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Chill out, HCGP is a great coach

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Hemingway, Dec 3, 2019 at 2:00 PM.

  1. guys, chill the hell out. 5 threads about how horrible Gary Patterson is. He’s the greatest coach in Tcu history. There is no reason to call for his job. He built the program. He will fix it. Im glad he’s to busy fixing it right now and doesn’t have time to come and read those threads.

    I’m sure he knows who to fire or demote. If you’ve ever had to fire someone you know it’s not pleasant, if they are a good human being.
  2. Hear, hear!

    Of course, such sensible thinking isn't what the trolls and gadflys that infest the Board are currently spewing. But, what else is one to expect from such types...

    Trust GMFP. He's earned it.
  3. Most of the "Gary Patterson isn't a good coach" of "Gary Patterson should go" is coming from trolls who like to read their own text. Most fans are frustrated with Gary Patterson's loyalty and reluctance to change. I think there is plenty of stubborness with GP. But he is still a phenomenal coach and has earned a much longer leash. I don't think any real fan thinks he should be gone or thinks he is a bad coach. That being said, if there are no changes made and next year is another subpar performance than you have to starting putting significant blame on GP. I think he will make some changes, whether big or subtle, and we will turn it around next year. He has done it time and time again. But right now he is trending in the wrong direction. At some point history can't simply trump the future and the trajectory.
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  4. Not that it’s really OT or important here, but it would be an interesting to poll. How many on this forum have fired and hired people?
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  5. I just wish GP would let SC run the stinkin' offense he was brought in to run. GP is too dang worried about his stupid defense numbers when he should be worried about wins. Put tons of points on the board. If the defense bends and gives up yards and points but hangs on to wins, I'm a happy camper. I don't care where the defense ends up at the end of the season when statistics are compiled if we are in the win column.
  6. Hired a lot and fired a few. I can only remember one firing that wasn’t awful. I could have fired that SOB numerous times.
    All of the loud mouths spewing vinegar on here talking about how much money they’ve given to TCU and its athletic department, can go butt a stump. First of all, I don’t believe anyone who brags about how much they give, as if that makes them any more of a fan than the person that can’t afford to give anything. The latter is normally the truer fan. Secondly, the only come out of the woodwork when things aren’t going as we would hope. They need someone to blame. They need a head to roll. Well, scheiss those guys. They remind me very much of the SOB I enjoyed firing.
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor!!
  7. Hired over 200 and more than that during new division staffings which are more akin to cattle call interviews. Fired 11 for performance/competency issues and remember every one. Fired about a dozen for ethical or compliance issues. Have made the lay-off notification call to more than 50 with most of these in the last 10 years. Rarely a pleasant experience although a few of those ethical terminations felt pretty good.
  8. Fired an employee this week...Hated every second of it because I genuinely liked the guy. But, his incompetents and lack of awareness was destroying moral and negatively impacting his teammates. It had to happen. I pleaded for change and gave him every opportunity to learn from his mistakes. It’s never easy but my company places trust and faith in me to protect their interest.
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  9. Never enjoyed letting anyone go, though I’ve fired a couple of SOB’s that I didn’t lose sleep over. The toughest are the economic layoffs. Usually the weak kittens or last in, but those are so hard for the person hearing the news. The hiring process isn’t a cakewalk either. Is this the right person; the best fit? Will they be a winner or someone I have to admit my mistake? Been fired once too. Me, our controller and another director exposed sort of a mini-Enron thing (before Enron was cool) The CEO (one of the perp’s) fired us all the next morning. Best thing that ever happened to me, though it didn’t feel like it at the time.
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  10. Been hiring & firing for nearly 25 years now. Firing isn't always easy, but there are times when it's necessary to bring up morale and/or stop the bleeding of bad work. Some people just don't seem to understand how their bad attitude & work ethics can effect the coworkers around them. Those have been easy fires. There have also been a few that I didn't want to fire, but they kept making the same mistakes over & over again causing others to have to fix those mistakes plus do their own work, which wasn't fair to the ones doing their job right.
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  11. agreed. most are worried that if the offense does not get turned around, GP could be on a hot seat. absolute worst ending of his tenure at TCU is not what we want to see. If he keeps Cumbie, Cumbie better produce.
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  12. I've had to let people go. Not enjoyable, but part of the job. Layoffs are the worst (Obviously, not really part of the comparison for this purpose). Especially when the top brass could have taken a more sustainable route and avoided such an impact. (I'm a capitalist, but I am also big on being wiser with what is entrusted to you)
    But let's get real here. How many of us have employees making dang near a million bucks a year and around 800G minimal?
    Trying to compare Cumbie to an employee most of us would deal with is a huge and unrelated leap. He makes the money he does because they are expected to produce and know they could get cut at any time. That is why coaches make huge bucks these days. Most of it is so they are covered if they are shown the door.

    GP may be waiting to see if Cumbie gets the offer at New Mexico. He is one of 5 rumored for the job. He wants Cumbie to be a head coach some day, so he'll do what he can to make sure anything looks like it was Sonny's own terms.

    As far as getting fired, though, that is just part of the coaching world. I have family and friends that understand that reality. Not a career for everybody, that's for sure. The hours suck too.
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  13. I was one of "the Terminators" at one of the companies I worked for. We had supervisors/managers that just couldn't get the job done for whatever reason, so there was another guy and myself that were the firing type. When the two of us called someone into one of the conference rooms, other employees started packing the belongings for that person.

    I've experienced the furious fired employee and the ones that actually thanked me after the convo.

    I once wrote up a guy for having an epileptic seizure at work. Yes, I am (was) that guy. He spent his time smoking and not taking care of his health during his breaks. He created a work stoppage by flopping on my production floor. He's one of the ones that thanked me later, btw.
  14. I once fired a guy for bad body odor. That was a unique experience. Long story, but his stench affected the high performers and caused a reduction in efficiency/production. Things resolved themselves after the offender was relieved of his duties.
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  15. I’ve hired and fired over the past 40 years but may be the only one on FFF that gave a guy a pay raise and fired him in the same meeting. Now, that was one I’ll never forget.
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  16. Hemingway, thanks for your input. We have one of the top Head Coaches in the country, period. The PITY PARTY bs is getting old.
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  17. Instability. That’s what the trolls want. They want TCU to fire the most stable person in the athletic department, HCGP. trolls want chaos.
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  18. Just because folks are not happy with the bad offense, and that's what folks seem to be unhappy with, does not mean they are trolls. some are just willing to take a realistic look at the program.
    i think folks would be happy if GP just make S&C plus nutrition approach changes. You cannot win if you can't keep them on the field.
  19. Code Red?
  20. Using acronyms for a coach is so Baylor. CAB? HCGP? :eek::eek::eek:

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