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CGP might seem he’s worn out his welcome...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by archifrog, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Lots of jobs opening up....If I were the Arkansas or Ole Miss AD, I would be flying to FW to let him know he’s their guy! I would make a great AD!!!
  2. Next question....who does TCU hire to replace him?!?!?

    Interested to hear from all of you haters...
  3. we were looking for a good HC when we found him and we will be looking for one after he leaves.

    He isn’t bigger than the University. Change needs to happen and quickly.


    a hater who is a season ticket holder and a frog fan since 1990.

    some people need to get a grip. GP is a great coach and he has been amazing to us, but he isn’t free from criticism. Times are a changing and he needs to catch up.

    id love to have him for another 10 years, but there needs to be a shake-up with the coaching staff and if he doesn’t do it, then he should be held accountable.
  4. Someone’s been nosing through their mother’s meth drawer again.
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  6. gary thinks the arkansas or ole miss are better jobs more power to him.

    sure he would love to face bama, auburn, and lsu each year wihile holding the short end of the rep and talent pool stick.

    no pressure with either jobs, no media expectations, history of patience and realistic expectations among the fan bases.

    gary has been very good for tcu, but tcu has been equally good to him and if he thinks people in those schools would take the same approach as the tcu fan base thanks for the memories gary
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    I don’t know. I don’t necessarily want him to quit, or get fired, or whatever. I’d like him to stay and make the necessary changes. But comments like this are exactly what the pro-Briles Baylor crowd would have said if that program were in the same situation. When they canned Briles (and their entire coaching staff) they went out and found a guy that nobody down there in 2015 could’ve imagined coaching in Waco. Now look at them. And Rhule took over a mess far worse than what we have here.

    There are coaches out there. It’s not easy to find the right guy but they are out there.
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  8. And Rhule will be in the NFL in the next year or two, with Baylor back to struggling.

    The missing ingredient in most modern day programs is loyalty, and some really take that for granted.
  9. There’s no guarantee that they’ll be struggling.

    Besides, I don’t think anyone is flat out saying GP needs to go anyway. They are saying changes have to be made within the program. And if he is unwilling to make changes he might need to step down. Do you disagree?
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  10. Transfer Portal gets the credit✓
  11. Two years ago today the Frogs played in the Big 12 Championship. I read some of these comments and the name RC Slocum comes to mind. Probably the best thing we can do as fans is take a deep breath and see what the staff looks like in January. I still trust GP to take the steps needed to fix this team
  12. "Gary Patterson Forced Out by Season Ticket Holder Since 1990, SOURCES SAY LONGTIME TCU COACH TO TAKE ARKANSAS HEAD JOB"
  13. GMFP would never be an AD. Ever. He isn't a schmoozer, and never has been.

    I also believe he won't bolt for Ole Miss or any other 3-years-and-you're-fired gigs that are looking for the Next Hot Coach, while the previous Coach's pyre is still smoldering.
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  14. A game where we were outcoached.
    Regardless, 2 years later it is a dumpster fire because of coaching. Same coaching that lost that champ game. And it has gotten worse.

    Looking at years ago or taking about how we only lost games by a few points does not change that.
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  15. “years ago”


    carry on
  16. Every big 12 coach with a record as bad as GPs over the last 4 years has been fired.
  17. Any coach with 1/3 of a brain would know Arkansas is a terrible job in the SEC, put them in the Big 12, deal changes. That state puts out about 4 decent players every 5 years which means they have to go in someone’s else’s yard for players. Throw in the fact they just fired a good coach who got 22 games to try and take a program from the Stone Age to Space Age in that amount of time.

  18. Chris Peterson
  19. Especially when this is the first year in his entire career where there's truly been any masses of people wanting him to leave.

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