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CGP might seem he’s worn out his welcome...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by archifrog, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. You mean Petersen?

    Or someone else entirely?
  2. Tells me you literally know nothing about Chris Petersen.
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  3. What? Many are calling for GPs head on a charger. I sure hope he stays. I've lived through too many years of continually bad TCU football to want the one coach that changed all that. He will right the ship again.
  4. So?
  5. I don't. I just threw a name out there because he was currently in the news cycle. Besides, he could make more than his $4.75 mil. he made at UW at TCU. And he coached at Boise. So its not like his pedigree is above TCU. Lighten up Francis.
  6. Yah, whoever.
  7. So, TCU should let him just run it into the ground? It’s kinda dumpster fire right now for TCU Football and on paper it looks like the train wreck continues with this team next season.
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  8. Only a Frog Fan since 1990? Rookie.
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  9. Meh ...
  10. Kinda Harsh round XMAS time
  11. An Athletic program would go broke with GP as an AD..
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  12. Tells me you literally know nothing about Chris Petersen.
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  13. I feel like somehow his goal would be to just have $1
  14. now that's funny !!
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  15. I only know what i posted. Seriously
  16. And I’m just being an [ Arschloch].
  17. Well what am I missing about him?
  18. He’s got some personal issues (sick kid) that are driving this decision. He may coach again but it isn’t gonna be at TCU next year.
  19. His comments were certainly those of a man placing priority on family. Which he has seemed to do during his time as a coach (judging from passing on offers, etc.) It is just now it is even more so.
    Hope he and his family get as much time together as possible.
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  20. wife is from washington, multiple udub alums in family, two brother-in-laws are dawg alums and ticket holders.

    one of petersen's sons did have i believe cancer when young, but i was under the impression that right now isn't an issue

    petersen does not seek the media spot light and this came up when he talked with usc about their job when still at boise. additionally, he didn't like to have to continually beat the drum for the huskies and why they belonged in the cfp.

    he is a bit of a purist in believing this all should be decided on the field and not a hotel conference room.

    petersen and his staff had a great deal of work to do behind the scenes when they came to seattle because of some big character issues they inherited from sarkisian.

    one big example is marcus peters who was a straight running thug at washington and didn't finish 2014 season. apparently on more than one occasion peters and jimmy lake had to be separated in practice and team class rooms.

    additionally, petersen is a very straight error in recruiting and the thought that he has grown tired of some of the crap that has happened in recent years. an example is a highly regarded linebacker from washington who needed to take an additional high school class to be admitted in uw and ends up at alabama or some rumblings about some crap pulled by cristobol at oregon.

    finally, petersen has a different set of priorities than most head football coaches. he wants to win, he is highly competitive, but talking to families we know who had sons that left the houston area to go play for him at boise, petersen doesn't want to be known primarily as a great football coach.

    both sets of parents had no qualms having their sons go to school that farm from home based upon the impression petersen made on them as a person.

    so, thought in seattle is he came to this decision not based on one thing, but multiples. very possible he might never return as they can see him finding other things to challenge himself outside of football

    he also left huskie football to one of his guys. lake has been with him a very long time, their defense has actually been the bedrock of the program, and they have a solid young team and a great recruiting class on paper.

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