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Cedric Benson passed away last night.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jack the weed, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Estimating is hard at these auctions. Low side, probably $35k, high side, could be $50-60k. Really hard to say, but I'm contemplating putting a $35k reserve on it. Motorcycles are the new classic cars as far as value, just really climbing right now.
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  2. Yep, 650 twin, liquid cooled, first generation Africa Twin Marathon designed by Honda Racing to compete in the Paris Dakar. Holds about 14 gals of fuel with a range of about 650-700 miles.
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  3. Yea, me too.
    7 months after my near-deadly wreck, my dumbass went and bought another, even larger bike.
    Best thing that ever happened to me was that the newer, larger bike was stolen, about 1 year later.......it was too powerful, and pretty sure I would have died on that SOB
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  4. scheiss motorcycles
  5. one of the all-tine great texas high school running backs. 4-year starter at midland lee when they were one of THE programs in the state.

    very good back at texas and i am not sure if it was the toll of all those carries or that he just didn't have elite speed, but the nfl career didn't match the high school and college careers.
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  6. DonorCycles
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  7. I sold my Honda racer about the time cell phones were really catching on. Houston drivers were bad enough without the added distraction of yammering on their phone. Since that time, there are 150% more cars on the road here and conditions are absolutely crazy for even considering riding a bike. Hell, I don't feel terribly comfortable in my F-250...
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  8. I started out on a motorcycle when I was 15. Haven't ridden since becoming an adult.
    The best thing I can say about riding motorcycles is they make you a damn good defensive driver, because EVERYBODY, on the road is out to get you......
  9. My mantra on the bike was always: "No, you're not paranoid enough. And, yes, they are all trying to kill you."
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  10. Wondered about the cooling. Assumed liquid but couldn't see the rad for all the armor. :) Used to be around road racing when I was skinny enough to go fast. Remember Two Brothers when they were really small, and when Doug Polen was a privateer with a Honda built by Big D, before he became World Superbike Champ on Ducati.
    My last fast ride was 999. Couldn't even begin to enjoy it around Fort Worth because of the gearing and geometry. To have any fun at all, needed to be going at least 80-90, which meant hauling it somewhere, either to a track or way out in the country.
    Would consider/have considered a dual sport, because of the geometry and ability to have fun going slow in rough country. Not happening any time soon though. But still love going shopping at Eurosport in FW.
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  11. Can’t disagree. At least it worked in that case.
  12. On a motorcycle or in a cage, if you:
    Go beyond your abilities...
    Go beyond the vehicles abilities...
    Go beyond the road conditions...
    an accident WILL happen.

    Anticipate everything. Ride and drive cautiously.
  13. I hear y'all about other drivers being bad, but I've also seen plenty of examples of motorcycles doing stupid things on the road. No pun intended but it's a two way street.
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  14. Right, but on a motorcycle the consequences are so much more serious.
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  15. As a parent, a bus pass would of seemed like a more reasonable response. Glad it worked out regardless though!

    On a side note, wait until your kid decides they want to ride! I suggest burning all proof you use to so it can't be used against you!
  16. Wont disagree. High risk.

    But, high reward. I've ridden approximately 200,000 miles in 34 states so far. Enjoy the hell out of it.

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