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Cedric Benson passed away last night.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jack the weed, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Wow, just sad.

    Dangerous part of Austin, especially that time of night, windy roads...would’ve been 5 mins from his house.
  2. Hopefully he was sober. Given his history that’s sadly the first thing I thought about.
  3. Knew a guy that his son had wrecked his car twice while in college after drinking. One car accidents. He told me he bought his son a motorcycle and told his son that if you wreck this motorcycle after drinking, you will not walk away from it. The guy said his son quit getting lit and driving afterwards.
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  4. The linked story here says 5600 block Mount Bonnell Road, which is right at the intersection of 2222. Another more detailed story said a white minivan pulled out on him.
    Just spec, but maybe Ced was on 2222, which is a great MC road- wide lanes, smooth transitions, well-maintained surface. I used to ride there years ago. Very tempting to ride fast. Plenty of opportunities for problems though, with limited sight distance.
    He had apparently just pled Thursday or Friday on a 2nd offense DWI, fwiw.
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  6. RIP to a damn good running back.

    Motorcycles and alcohol do not mix. Doesn't matter whether it's the a DUI by the rider or the car driver that hits you. There are places that I've lived that I basically would not ride in because of drivers such as Phoenix/Scottsdale, Orange County and Austin. I love riding, but it's not worth my life.

    BTW, I've got two of my motorcycles for sale right now and the third will probably be at the Mecum auction in Las Vegas in January. As get older, I tend to value my remaining life more and injuries such as the separated shoulder I got this summer take longer to heal.
  7. LT and Peterson only two RB I’ve seen live that I might consider better. Unreal the athlete he was. Was drafted to play baseball as well.
  8. I can confirm this.
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  9. As can I...Nasty wreck in my 20s that reminds me every winter
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  10. To Frog brethren. If you do ride, please DO NOT ride after drinking. There are enough cars trying to kill you without you impairing yourself.

    More details...sounds like the minivan was at fault and caught on fire.

  11. Seems like a high risk experiment
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  12. Had a similar accident as a young, when a lady pulled out on me just as I happened to look over my shoulder to change lanes. Ran square into her side at about 50, never even had time to try to brake. Only reason I didn't die is because it happened a couple blocks from hospital.
    Doesn't help, whose fault it was. Dead is dead.
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  13. At Mecum? Let’s see this bike?
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  14. Used to ride sport bikes. Still have a Buell in the garage now(for sale). Haven’t ridden it since my daughter was born 4 years ago. Too risky, people are ship drivers.

    Had a guy literally looking right at me and pulled out in front of me. I missed him just barely and gave him a few choice words.

    Also was riding behind an 18 wheeler on a two lane highway and he ran over a tire tread on the road. It shot past my head so fast I barely even saw it. It was so close it moved my helmet slightly. It would’ve killed me instantly. No thanks.
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  15. Read this whole thing thinking Mitchell Benson.
  16. That it’s illegal to ride in the front seat of a car without wearing a seat belt but legal to ride a motorcycle makes almost no sense.
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  17. The bike and the Frenchman, Michel Audot, that rode it in the 1989 Paris-Dakar.

    IMG_4723r.jpg MichelAudot_PD89-2th.jpg
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  18. Including the rider in the auction would seem like human trafficking, no?

    Pretty cool bike. What do you think it will bring at auction?

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