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CBS Sports: Realignment Fallout, What's Next

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by MagicFrog, Jul 26, 2021.

  1. I've been shocked by the amount of chatter and even some smoke regarding TCU to the Pac. It seems like TCU is the leader to join the Pac. I would have thought TCU was easily a top 3-4 choice for the conference, but not the first choice. The Pac12 commissioner has also stated that Olympic sports are important to the Pac. TCU sponsors the most Olympic sports in the conference of schools rumored to be considered by the Pac.
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  2. I keep thinking PIGS. Things like watching pigs at the trough pushing each other aside and putting lipstick on a pig. I have read things that make TCU sound like the least of the least (usually from writers with east coast perspectives). I do read west coasters saying some nice things about a few B12 teams includingTCU. Still I do not see anyone conference coming here and putting the push to sign us up. Things like this will take a while to work themselves out. Meanwhile belly up to trough boys.
  3. Gotta laugh a little bit, but who would have thought adding beach volleyball would help TCU in conference realignment? I know TCU has also come on strong in swimming and diving. But, you are right, the Pac12 dominates in Olympic sports. Just watch the events in Tokyo and the U.S. Team is dominated by athletes from that conference.
  4. Swimming, diving, track and outdoor summer sports seem to be dominate. Not surprising given the climate.
    I hope TCU lands in the Pac-12. Would really love that. Most of my USC grad friends out here see TCU as the "USC" of the south.
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  5. that is a bit misleading as tcu is a long, long way from say stanford or ucla in the number of sports sponsored and i don't see the fact the frogs offer beach volleyball as a deciding factor
  6. It's the general attitude from Cali that you describe in your last sentence, which makes me optimistic this is where we land. Like I told a group of friends, it's possible we're more popular than we think we are.

    Disclaimer: I am just a dude with zero inside knowledge.
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  7. I think we are all just dudes and dudettes with no real insider knowledge - just our own feelings and thoughts about this. I really have no clue what will happen, but having lived out here in SoCal for 20+ years now, I can see similarities between our university and the Cali institutions - from a student perspective and sports affiliations. I think the caliber of individual attending UCLA, USC, etc is more on par with our level of student vs. some of the other Big12 institutions, which in my biased (at least I'm honest) opinion, makes inclusion in the Pac-12 a good landing spot.
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  8. No. Liberal leftists won't stand for gun bearing mascots! It's true!
  9. With the exception of Notre Dame, small, private schools are just rearranging deck chairs on the titanic.

    ACCEPTANCE <—- I am here.
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  10. pay tech enough and they will replace the gun with a tortilla
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  11. I'm not going to get to that last stage. Ever. In fact, I think I'm permanently stuck at the second stage...
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  12. Pretty much agreed. Game reset isn't gonna happen around 64-66 teams. I'd set over under about 40, but really there are more like 30 major brands. A few will ride coattails and get in. Rest will get leftovers.

    Only hope is some PAC fracture (B1G for a couple?) and their gutted carcass wants to get it on with B12's as the new BRW (best of rest of west).
  13. This just isn't happening ... just isn't !
  14. I posted this elsewhere:

    CFB is eventually going to work its way down to a group of about 30-40 big schools in a semi-pro league off by themselves making 90% of the money, with all the other current D1s going back to smaller regional conferences like the SWC to provide more of a campus experience…and occasionally whoring themselves out for the payday of a Wednesday game on the Ocho.
  15. If someone already put this out there, I apologize.

    What if TCU, OSU, TT, and (Iowa State, Kansas State,Kansas...pick one) make a group of four offer to the PAC? They then could turf Arizona, ASU, Utah, and Colorado to the Eastern division of a sixteen team conference. The geography would make sense for both divisions and they would get some of that central time zone. Just saying.
  16. been suggested and agree the geography makes sense. just not sure if the pac believes they have a need and if that would stir a reaction from the networks
  17. Why do I get the feeling the Big 10 is going to take some of the Pac-12 teams. We may end up merging with the ones left after all.
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  18. TCU has respect by the PAC12 ...
    1) Beaten PAC12 teams in all 4 Bowl games, 3 very recent(USC/Oregon/Stanford/Cal).
    2) Beat the Big10 in the 2011 Rose Bowl, for the PAC12, in their absence.
    3) Frogs are 13-6 in recent Bowl games(again, which included 4-0 against PAC12).
    4) TCU's location in the 4th largest US metropolitan market... is a biggy.
    5) TCU's academics and entrance requirements is also an asset.
    6) Frog's existing facilities and donor history is a real plus.
    7) Let's not ignore the Frogs own a real national Championship and a Heisman.
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    i am sure the frogs winning a national title and davey winning the heisman in 1938 is a real feather in our caps with the pac as it happened over 70 years ago.

    same with that rose bowl win that they haven't seen happen very often in their day

    agree the market may help, but the rest of that stuff is what looks good to you and if it really was that impactful would we be in situation we are right now?
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