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  1. Okay folks, the buses to OU and Tech have been ordered and we are now accepting reservations.

    The two trips are:

    OU - November 11, 2017 ($65)
    Tech - November 18, 2017 ($89)

    As always, the bus trip includes a stress-free way of traveling to the exotic destinations of Norman, Oklahoma and Lubbock, Texas on a private charter bus, stocked with snacks, soda, water, and beer (and I might have a whisky sponsor this season). This is THE best way to travel to the games and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Frog Fans.

    How do you sign-up?

    Go to: http://killerfrogs.com/shop/ to purchase your seat today.

    Checkout will send you to PayPal for payment, major credit cards will be accepted; you do not need a PayPal account. If you have any issues getting your seat reserved please let me know as we're using a different method this year.

    Go Frogs!
  2. What is the timing of the buses? Certain number of hours before game time? Leave immediately after the game ends?
  3. Typically we leave within one our after the game is over, as far as when we leave I'll find out. There are certain regulations governing the drivers and I'm not sure what was setup as far as when the bus company needs us to leave Fort Worth. I'll post that shortly.
  4. We will put out more details as soon as the game time is announced. But for now, we are planning to be at the game around 2 1/2 - 3 hours prior to kick-off, so we all have plenty of time to tailgate :)
  5. I like 2.5-3 hours before the game but I fear that will lead to people violating bus potty rules on the way home.
  6. Perfect!
  7. Bump, OU filling up fast.
  8. If Tom Brown or Waccy are going, I would gladly meet the bus in Lubbock.
  9. Sign up for the Bus Trips and get ready to laugh and chat the entire way to Norman and Lubbock!

    The busses are very comfortable. There's free wifi so you won't miss any of the other games going on.
    It's the easiest and most fun way to get to and from the games!
    • bathroom
    • wifi
    • adult beverages
    • good snacks
    • fantastic raffle items
    • tons of comic relief
    • memories that will last a lifetime
    More details to come once we find out the game time.
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  10. Bump
    Sign up for bus trip on the main page.
    Go Frogs!
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  11. When does the bus for OSU leave?
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  12. How many seats available for OU? Are times finalized for departure/return?
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    I know that the bus times depend on the game time. No gametime has been announced yet, at least to my knowledge. Bus usually fills up fast, from past experience.
  14. We will announce departure time as soon as the game time is released.

    Hoping for an evening game... if that's the case, we will leave (lot 13) approximately 6 hours before kick-off.
  15. Bump

    OU Bus Trip has about 50 seats total and is 3/4 sold out!

    Tech - we need more people going to TECH. Smaller bus - about 40 people.

    There will be some awesome raffle items!!!

    Sign up on the main KF.C page.
  16. Any updates on the bus trips?
  17. An email just went out this morning to everyone registered for the OU bus trip. We will leave at 1:00pm from Lot 13 (Baseball) on Saturday. ETA back at TCU is around 2:30am.

    Texas Tech's Bus Trip deadline is next Tuesday. The game time will be announced following the OU game, so hopefully, we will have a lot of fans sign up. We still need about 45 more people.

    Go Frogs! Beat OU.
  18. Any chance there's still room for 4 more on the bus to OU?

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