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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Yes this sucked, but Duggan showed something today. He made all the right reads. He just needs time.

    How many terrible reads did he make?

    How many of turnovers were “Casey Printers” level?

    The kid has good form and a cannon for an arm. I liked what he showed during that 4th quarter.

    I didn’t like some of Cumbie’s calls, but it happens. If Duggan connects on a couple of those throws, it is a different ballgame.

    SMU came to play, and Bueschel was hell bent on not losing to TCU again. The kid stood tall in the pocket, took plenty of shots, and made a bunch of good throws. If you can avoid playing scared, you can beat a LHCGP defense. We’ve seen it over and over. All the way back to the glory days. Tough qbs make it happen sometimes.

    I wish LHCGP would have trusted Song to try that kick with the win, but hey, who know.

    This game better prepares us for conference play, and we know that Duggan won’t completely crap the bed. I would have taken tonight’s Duggan over any of the qbs we rolled out last year.
  2. Wrong. Dugan made plenty of bad reads...PLENTY. The whole season I bet he hasn't made more than three deep passes. The fades are thrown to bad positions, and he continually overthrows open receivers. He hasn't learned to run when he should, and took a sack that he should not have taken in plus territory. If you just prefer him, just say so. But he hasnt shown himself to be all that...yet.
  3. Fades are a low percentage play anyway. Even when we had our best combo it wasn’t highly successful.

    He MISSES open receivers. He isn’t throwing off his back foot. He isn’t throwing into double coverage. He isn’t throwing it at the other team.

    He made a risky throw in the red zone when he was pressured, but mostly it is a cam down young man thing. He started his first game today in a crap home environment because a lot of our fans didn’t show, or left early, and The defense completely crapped the bed. They put him down early and did nothing to help him.
  4. I’ve always thought 16 of 36 is Tom Brady material.

    The kid might be great some day. But let’s stop pretending that he’s Joe Montana in the making.

    As “bad” as the offense was (38 points should win you every game). Our “vaunted” defense is the reason we lost.
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  5. Never said he was Joe Montana, but he has more upside than anyone we have trotted out since Boykin.
  6. The kid gets stuck on the primary receiver too often, will force throws to an unopen primary, holds the ball too long in the pocket, hasn't shown the ability to make a consistently playable deep ball, and has yet to master when to tuck and run and get yourself 4-6 yards and call it a down. Running QBs are a defensive nightmare. They basically take a linebacker out of the play. Dalton, Hill, Boykin, Gunn...they were all adept at running the ball. The freshman may be a diamond in the rough, but right now he is just rough. I think we just made our bed tonight with him, though. If the grad student didn't perform well enough in practice to at least get a series in this game, we may be in for a longer season than most expected.
  7. To be fair, this is his third college game and first start. He’s doing well enough given the OC and WR he has to work with and I think he’ll improve a lot as the season goes on.
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  8. Wipe the [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] outta your eyes...
  9. I get it, I really, really get it. But people are talking about him as if he's been playing some high-evel football. He hasn't. He looks like a freshman who is still trying to get used to college speed football games. Personally, I would have gone with the grad student, but he must have had really bad weeks and practice in order not to play, so it is what it is.
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  10. When I read posts on this board, I see people committed to a winning Horned Frog team. When people stop complaining, it’s over in Fort Worth.
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  11. Duggan is a TRUE Freshman...Let up on the kid..He has backbone and I’ll take that..Can Cumbie please cater the play calling to the guy he has instead of his one size fits all [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] show of a playbook?...Yes, He has missed a TON of reads and thrown a TON of bad balls but he made some strides today..small ones but strides nonetheless. I think we are going to continue to take our lumps with him at QB but that was to be expected. With a young QB you are absolutely going to get bad before you get good. It’s life for 98% of Freshman QBs. We put the ball on the ground 3 times today and NONE of them were forced..We shot ourself in the foot but Those are things we can clean up..

    People around here wanting to give up on a kid who hasn’t yet thrown 100 collegiate passes are idiots. It may not be at the speed we like, but if he’s making incremental strides you hang in with him.

    Why don’t we talk about the vets who crapped the bed today..Sewo, Gaines, or Gladney...Maybe Blackshear (who’s been the worst of an abysmal group of DEs)
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  12. The issue I have with today's loss is the fact that the team was not ready to play. Period. Who cares that this is SMU's Super Bowl or that Buchele was super psyched after losing to us twice. We were not ready to play. That is on us. The Ponies picked us apart early and kept us on our toes most of the game. Our D never set the tone.

    It reminded me of 2011 when they did the same thing. It was the low light of a 11-2 year.That team came back strong after that stinker but we played in a down MWC that year. I am curious to see how the team responds when KU visits next week. What will our excuse be if we lose to those guys?
  13. Oh, come on. he's a freshman. he still throws it better than a grad transfer. and the rest have not seemed to develop much over the years. who else on the team has that arm and can run and is healthy?
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  14. When you win the toss and defer to the 2H and trot your kickoff team onto the field and watch your kicker promptly boot the ball OOB after having consistently drilled balls into and out of the end zone in warmups, it's an omen. Precisely no reason to angle a kickoff that could be booted out the back of the EZ. I hate the fact that our players seem to be constantly "thinking" and checking wrist bands and "thinking" again instead of letting it rip. Don't know if it's over-coaching or poor coaching or complexity beyond capability or what but it just looks weird and I think subtracts from the talent and athleticism.
  15. This "offensive" coaching staff put players in a position to fail, time and time again. Whether we had a true freshman or a seasoned veteran back there, the outcome would have been the same.

    Sonny Dykes took what he saw and crafted a game plan that took advantage of the weakness he saw. Our vaunted coaches couldn't even do that, much less scout our own weaknesses and plan accordingly.

    We were given a very public pants-ing. Sonny Cumbie ought to be walking around all next week with his underwear pulled over his head.
  16. Jug is right.
    (One night at the KF.c house)
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  17. I hate to tell people but this probably won’t be the only game we lose where Max doesn’t play well. Growing pains are not unexpected with a Fr qb. All is not lost.
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  18. By looking at the wrist bands, do you mean on defense?
  19. Yep. Especially impressed when we can be looking at them at the snap and still be able to make a play which does happen on occasion.

  20. So what happens when he cant rely on 2 of the best RB’s in this decade next year? Add in the linemen and only looks far worse.
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