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if football could play a 64 team tournament in a month - we would have an expanded playoff already because it would not be such a monumental task to orchestrate. But since football is one game and week and takes a huge toll on the players - we will never have an expanded playoff, probably never even go to 8, simply because college players are not going to want to play 16 games to win a championship
This is a good point, and a very good reason not to have an expanded football playoff, and a major why there isn't one. Thankfully, because of that, the regular season has a bunch of great games that everyone wants to see (or used to I guess, before the rule changes made the sport kind of a joke).

I was addressing the comment that feel good stories and underdogs are what people want and what makes money. That simply isn't true. What makes the most money are the best teams in the best matchups. There are movies, and then there is real life.


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Boston College is here to ruin your postseason. Beat Wake already, Now tied with Miami 10 seconds left.

BC was 6-14 in conference play. Oh my oh my.


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college basketball hype GIF by ESPN
Baylor had only 6 turnovers and grabbed 12 steals to Oklahoma’s 16 turnovers and 3 steals, but Baylor was only 3-22 from three versus 11-21 for Oky.

After the game, coach Porter Moser was saying they are in the tournament—he hoping.
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