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Boykin-How Did He Make It Through College?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by wilson912, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. It's hard to imagine anyone trolling whose own program is 120-240 in its last 30 seasons of football.
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  2. Yeah, it's clearly an alternate account.
  3. No need to respond to Mr PoppedCollar Daddysmoney. I am sure the coke bender ended late last night and he is regretting what he posted.
  4. That alumni trip to the Frisco Bowl have cost a pretty penny, but the excitement was well worth it I bet!
  5. They would do anything to beat a P5 team period. In 2018, a down year for us, we beat more P5 programs (5) than SMU has in the last 20 years (3). Their most recent P5 victory coming in...2011.
  6. Likely a Baylor fan who knows he’d get torched on here and couldn’t defend his own corrupt school from the atrocities they committed.
  7. He is an idiot, but maybe we shouldn't bring up "Daddysmoney". Have you seen these kids at games and on campus lately?
  8. Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying.
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  9. This thread is KFC at its worst. Or best, I suppose, depending on your point of view.
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  10. Horse scatology. To say someone that age doesn't know the difference between right and wrong is ridiculous. No matter what environment they came from.
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  11. The Ying Yang symbol said all that?
  12. Say lil mama lemme whisper in ya ear
  13. He must have been having Mambo Taxis at Mi Cocina. Those things are so great, *I* could have won the Peach Bowl after a couple of those! :)
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  14. True, but that's the same with any player. If Troy Aikman played with Paul Palmer and Cornell Burbage for 10 years instead of Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin...

    Doctson made Boykin look great, and Doctson had a great QB who was able to get him the ball and captitalize on Doctson's greatness. There was lots of jump balls because w/ Doctson, they were a huge weapon...but there were many, many non-jump balls, as well.
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  15. He was from Waco.
  16. Actually, he just died there. Although, Hell couldnt have been a more appropriate ending place...
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  17. Hey mods how does this not break the forum rules? scheiss this guy
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  18. Tre has some issues to work on.

    As for folks saying they know somebody who could tell you whatever about him... but cant seem to say that until after an incident is reported publicly ...
    I have to call garbage on that. Always "heard it from" or "knew somebody'.

    Like there is 5000 Forest Gumps at TCU.

    Easy to say "everybody knows" after the story hits the news.
  19. June Jones painted that mural after falling off his meds one night.
  20. Newspaper does not report that part. No shock there.

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