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Boykin-How Did He Make It Through College?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by wilson912, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Did the football staff have a team of agents that monitored this guy day and night? Can’t seem to stay out of trouble now!
  2. Looks like this is related to the 2018 charges.

    EDIT but yes, to answer your question. No way this dude was clean in college.
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    My sister, who is the ABSOLUTE WORST judge of character in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD, thought he was an amazing human being.

    When she voiced that, I immediately knew he was probably a bit off. Whomever was in charge of trying to rein him in during his undergrad days probably deserves sainthood.
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  4. They reindicted the case to allege his hands as deadly weapons. It’s kind of chicken but what else is new with this DA’s Office?
  5. Bizarre if true. It’s not like he was a pro boxer
  6. He studied the Eddie Haskell school of fooling people.
  7. I talked with one of the top guys at TCU a few years ago about Boykin. He told me Boykin was a good kid but did do stupid things and they had to constantly watch him and keep him on a straight line. At that time, nothing violent but just knucklehead things to be in his words "cool". I can't remember exactly, but I think it was still during his TCU days.

    Wish he could have stayed on that straight line, who really knows what his ceiling could have been.
  8. I’ve heard from a couple different people that the San Antonio incident was the first violent action they knew of with him. He loved to drink so they weren’t surprised that it would someday become violent though. Basically said the same thing that he was like other college idiots trying to be cool.
  9. careful RE, half the folks on here not sure who Eddie is/was
  10. Now you’ve got to wonder how he’ll make it through life.
  11. Sounds like behind bars.
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  12. Talked with a grad assistant during the 2013 season who was partially tasked with keeping up with him. Said he was a ticking time bomb and worse than Pachall ever was. Also noted his home life/influences were very poor. Hard for him to leave behind the type of lifestyle/community he grew up in.
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  13. I hate it when people give up on people... His violence is crazy, yes. But man he just needs to cut out the sauce.
  14. Ken Osmond is still with us, didn’t die at Khe Son...

    Was a cop of all things!
  15. In one of the earlier instances, an article stated Boykin is bipolar and off his meds. Barrett Robbins lost it just before the Raider's Super Bowl by dropping off his meds then hitting the bars. Without the almost constant support team a college player can have, being bipolar, off meds and drinking alcohol is a no win situation.
  16. It’s 100% true
  17. Always thought he was a good dude in college. Obviously wrong. People need to realize alcohol is a drug, one of the most dangerous. Crazy how big of a part of society it is. Hope he figures it out one day.
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  18. I think most people assumed he was a good dude due to the countless times we were told by GP that he was.
  19. Show them the clip of TB getting beaten up at the Alamo Bowl.
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