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Bored and like sims? 2021 Texas (21) v TCU Football

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Atomic Frawg, Jun 19, 2021.

  1. I won't ruin it for you...

    ...and I was REALLY bored.
  2. 1. The programmers sure do know how TCU plays in the first quarter. LOL they nailed it.

    2. The East Side expansion is missing.

    3. Rah Rah, TCU
  3. I was just happy that people didn't feel the need to storm the field. We just expect wins like this now.
  4. Hey, a night game!
  5. Sorry but that’s just factually incorrect. There was a “Go Frogs” chant that started up without the direction of a guy in purple overalls with a microphone.
  6. I thought from the 1 hour mark on it was pretty cool.
  7. Curious what stats they plugged in for duggan.

    if that NCAA game comes out next year I don’t think his passing accuracy would be above a 75
  8. lower west bowl has way too many people in the stands

    no black jackets

    texas would have converted a fake punt on 4th down on their final possession only to have a back fumble away the ball
  9. 2021 ... 8 out of the last 10! Dogs(oops... Frogs) win again !
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    They also had the visitor section in the south end zone.

    I was confused by the 2 wild frog passes, but then I remembered we actually do dumb stuff like that.
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  11. just checking for accuracy, where either of those wild frog passes thrown by a walk on from a midwestern state who hasn't played all year but is really, really popular with the coaches for how they practice?
  12. Nah, they were thrown by our only 5 star running back in program history. Which makes it even more accurate.
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    If TCU had a special teams coach the last kickoff would have been squibbed.
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  14. Did a good job with the announcers, too...down by three at the half and they were calling our performance disgraceful, shouldn't even show up in pads.

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