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  1. A day later, they are likely all dug out of the ground.
  2. That’s exactly what my wife said (the person that actually finds these), and he’d probably very proud of himself too!
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  3. We’ve got 5 kittens on our patio...2 look like this one. The mother brought them up, then either abandoned them, or was killed after about 2 weeks. They were barely weaned, so no bottle feeding. We’ve really enjoyed them.
  4. When we’re still in Houston we had a litter of feral cats in our back yard. Something either killed the mother or she abandoned them. My wife tried to rescue them, nut were so feral they wouldn’t accept her and all but one died. The only one brave enough to approach. He eventually became a house cat along with our golden/Bernese/Clydesdale mix and a crazy Abyssinian cat that thought he was a dog. He never did lose all his feral traits and hid most of the time. My wife spent a lot of hours getting that cat to even approach her.
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  5. Sound on and wait for the truth...

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  6. True story...

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  7. Autobahn musical road grooves...

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  8. Always wondered what happened to a Toucan Sam...

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  9. When the ground crew ignores the “no step” warning...

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  10. It’s a tree shaka Boudreaux!

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  11. Even man bun guys lends a hand...
  12. Meanwhile the entire street gets the munchies...
  13. Like Mighty Joint from History of the World Part 1.
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    Similar story here. The mother was feral...I felt sorry for and started feeding her on our back patio. I figured she’d disappear, but kept coming back. Never got to the point of petting her...but she’d get a little closer each time I fed her. When she disappeared for a few days and had her kittens I figured she was gone. But she came back, and I kept feeding her. After about 3 weeks I notice she has brought up 2 kittens. Each day thereafter she brought up one more until all 5 are here. Interestingly as the mother would eat I’d pick up the kittens. She didn’t like it but seemed to get used to it. After a few days I moved them into a big moving box...about 2x2x2. It was interesting watching her jump in and out of the box until she figured it was safe and started nursing them in the box...so the box became their bed. The box kept them contained, and she seemed to understand that. One day a couple of weeks ago she disappeared for good. Of course we would let them out of the box, and over time they learned to crawl/jump out. Long story, but now we’ve got 5 kittens. We’re going to keep 2 of them and have found homes for the others. It’s been funny watching my wife, who is not a a big cat lover, get attached to them. Funny how things work sometimes.
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  15. Hey! Look, don’t touch!

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  16. Got the golden part. Retriever not so much...doing.

  17. The rare Boy Scout bird...

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