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Blacklock and Gladney in NFL.com's top 50

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FBallFan123, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. Ok, Montae...
  2. Yeah, but did you see his TWITCH on that celebration?! #twitchedup
  3. I'm sensing this may be KFc's version of "OK Boomer." :)
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  4. Will JR's occasional lack of effort turn people off? Absolutely. Will it actually effect his draft position? Probably a little, but not very much.

    Ultimately, he has what every team covets which is the ability to make big plays. Every single coach in the NFL will believe that they can get the very most out of that and that while playing in their system there will be no issue with effort. They will all believe that they can get him to block and give full effort on every play.
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  5. amazed some think wide receivers get drafted based upon their desire to block
  6. Fixed
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  7. Yeah a lot of positions (most), lack of effort is a big deal. WR is the one spot where lack of effort is almost a given. There's a reason the position is known for "divas"
  8. i was driving this morning and heard an interesting conversation about the texans looking for an option to back will fuller iv who is valuable in their offense, but has missed over 20 games in 4 seasons.

    texans don't have a 1st round pick and have needs in the secondary and defensive line so the question is should the texans take a receiver in the 2nd or wait.

    first comment is just how deep the draft is for receivers and depending upon the needs of other teams and how other more valued positions grade out going into the draft. second is that the texans will be able to find a quality speed receiver at 3 and one name mentioned was jalen reagor.
  9. LOL, I am a fan and think the kid has elite level talent. I understand how many were frustrated with his lack of effort and dropped balls at times but when he wanted it, he flashed big time. GMs will see that and understand not everyone can do some of the things he does.
  10. Wide receivers probably run more yards per game than any other position on the field. Everyplay they're running down the field and making cuts, and only one person is going to get the ball thrown their way. People used to talk about how Randy Moss and other wide receivers would take plays off when the ball wasn't coming their way, but you'd be a fool not to want him on your team.
  11. That excuse might fly on some teams but not when your position group has a 28-man rotation
  12. huh?
  13. Gotta be talking about Montae, she's big on Grindr
  14. Wrong thread. Hate when that happens.
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  15. So I watched the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl today. Sewo only fumbled twice including once at the goal while diving for the pylon.
    He did make several nice runs and also had a few nice blocks.
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  16. Haven’t seen this yet so just throwing it out there. Kolby Listenbee was a fourth rounder right?? To me that means Reagor doesn’t fall past that.
  17. KL went in the 6th round, he was the 26th WR taken in 2016. Ran the second-fastest combine 40, but was limited in what workouts he could perform both at combine and TCU pro day by injuries.

    I can see Reagor being very impressive at the combine, I just can't get past the many critical drops and other lapses in concentration over his 3 years here. I can't see scouts and GMs overlooking that stuff either. Will surprise me if he goes anywhere above or below round 2.
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  18. Are you on an NFL staff? Hmmm...but who would be willing to submarine their career to win $1,000? Hmmm
  19. Every draft intel report out there has poor route running listed in his 'cons'.
  20. And I believe that can be coached
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