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Blacklock and Gladney in NFL.com's top 50

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FBallFan123, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. List is from Daniel Jeremiah of NFL.com

    Has Blacklock at 18, Gladney at 43...



    Ross Blacklock, DT

    School: TCU | Year: Junior (RS)

    Blacklock is a dynamic interior defensive lineman. As a pass rusher, he launches out of his four-point stance and his bull rush is ferocious. He creates immediate knock-back. He is ultra-twitchy. He flashes a long-arm move where he can jolt, separate and finish. As a run defender, he successfully stacks and sheds single blocks, but he needs to improve his awareness and effectiveness versus double teams, where he gets washed down the line. He does have some durability concerns, but his skill set is special. Overall, Blacklock comes with some risk, but he's worth it. He has the potential to develop into a top-flight interior pass rusher.


    Jeff Gladney, CB

    School: TCU | Year: Senior (RS)

    Gladney lacks ideal size/bulk for the position, but he excels because of his blend of quickness and feistiness. He plays outside and inside. He is at his best in off coverage, where he uses a quick, fluid pedal before efficiently planting and driving on balls thrown in front of him. He doesn't waste steps. He is always in good position, but will get walled off at times by bigger wideouts. When he does press, he usually sits at 2 yards and carries his hands low before trying to catch wideouts and re-route them. His overall ball awareness is very good. He does a good job coming to balance before tackling runners and he's also an effective blitzer. Overall, Gladney needs to get a little stronger, but I love his scheme versatility and toughness.
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  2. Reagor not being in the top 50 is a joke. Not making a bowl game with that kind of talent is also a joke.
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  3. JR will be gone in the first 20 picks.
  4. He's obviously not a Round 1 pick, and anybody who takes him in Round 2 is taking a flyer based on his track speed. He probably isn't going to be one of the first 6-7 receivers taken, so not sure how he's a top 50 pick.
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  5. If we only could have had the 4 draft prospects play all 11 positions we would have been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.
  6. Gladney is ranked pretty high but it stinks he can't go in the Senior Bowl(sore knee). I feel like he could have been a major riser if he had been able to go through this week.
  7. Hope he’s healthy enough to run at the combine. That’ll definitely make up for missing the Senior Bowl.

  8. Hope so! Gladney is a legit corner prospect and I still see him in the top 3 rounds. He has so much tape that I think there's nothing (barring running slow in the 40 lol) that keeps him from falling that far. Honestly I'm just disappointed because I was pretty excited for him to shine against all the good WRs at the Senior Bowl
  9. Gladney has 4 years of tape against great WRs and QBs...him missing a senior bowl or whatever won't hurt him. Scouts know what he is at this point...
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  10. Think you are wrong, he will run a sub 4.3 at the combine and have a 40+ inch vertical which will get people more interested than they are now. Speed is king, GMs will look at him as another Tyrek Hill, without the baggage. People will look at his numbers from last year, which were great and write off this year's production as a result of the subpar QB play, which statistically was lousy. He will be off the board in the second part of the first round and will be a star at the next level.
  11. This is the first receiver prospect article I clicked on, but I'm confident they are all going to say something pretty similar. He's the Tenth-ranked receiver in this class, so for your projection you must believe one of two things to be true:
    1. Nobody knows he's fast (every article you see references "elite" speed); or
    2. There will be 10 receivers taken in the first round.

    By this point he's a known quantity- A really fast guy whose route-running is poor, and whose hands are marginal. Those are the kind of first-round picks that get GMs fired. Al Davis is dead, so your only chance is probably Jerry Jones.

    Name your bet.

    10. Jalen Reagor, TCU
    Jalen Reagor | John E. Moore III/Getty Images
    Reagor is a deep threat with elite speed who largely plays on the perimeter despite being under-sized. At 5-foot-11 and 195 pounds, Reagor will likely line up in the slot at the next level.

    The TCU junior is quick off the line and fast when he's free of press coverage, meaning he can be an effective deep-threat. He doesn't stand out as a route-runner so that must improve, but he's got good hands and can likely be an asset on special teams.

    His draft stock has stagnated a bit this year, as he's only caught 43 passes for 611 yard and five touchdowns with two punt return scores. If he adds strength and improves as a route-runner he projects as a solid slot option in the NFL.
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  12. I will bet he doesn’t run a sub 4.3 forty. I hope he does. We need some skill guys to get drafted high and do well for the recruiting trail.
  13. Reagor should go by at least the third round. Maybe he could have gone on the first day if we would have gone to a bowl and more scouts would have seen him.
  14. Perhaps the professional scouts that post here can confirm, but bowl tape (an Alamo bowl or Senior Bowl) is not what gets these top kids noticed and/or drafted.

    There is so much more information and film now (ie Gladney's top speed measured on a given play) than 10 or 25 years ago that the guys in the NFL drafting rooms have at thier disposal.

    The combine matters for sure for top 2-3 rounds, but otherwise it's body of work and JR1 has built that in spades. Its unfortunate he didnt expand his body his senior year, but that's as much his own doing as the team/coaches.
  15. His route running is fine and this references he needs to get stronger? Really, I watched the dude bench like 400lbs. He looks like a freaking superhero, he is plenty strong and explosive. His hands are above average, true he did have a few drops this year but he also had some elite-level catches, that is more about concentration than can the kid catch. He can only run the routes he is asked to run. There will be more favorable articles by people who actually watch the games after the combine.
  16. I also don't think he runs a 4.3, I think he will run a 4.2.
  17. He has topped out at like a 4.38 so far
  18. Again, that was simply the very first article I clicked on. I guess nobody who writes these things has ever watched a game. Because, nobody does "real" evaluations until after the combine? Strange, wonder why not?
    Call it, "hands," call it, "concentration," call it "Strawberry scheissing ice cream," he drops passes that hit him in the hands. . . Frequently in critical situations, and often when he is WFO. Not just this year, but every year he has been at TCU. Also will muff punts, which is pretty unforgivable in the NFL.
    You are confusing Speed with Skill. NFL history is littered with guys who had track speed but weren't good receivers. You've got him as a dang All-Pro already and he wasn't even first team All-B12, which means he wasn't one of the best 3 receivers in CONFERENCE, either this year or last year.
    I hope he has a great career, but based on what he did at TCU, he isn't a first-round talent. Again, I invite your wager on that. Also on him running a "4.2." Just wondering, does that time include the stop in the middle of the road to eat the ACME bird seed?
  19. Remember when I was crucified for saying how bad of a coaching job this past season was? These next few months will make the theory shine
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  20. Reagor isn't going top 20- calm yourselves down. He's a straight line speed track guy who doesn't run good routes and has inconsistent hands.
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