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Blacklock — Watt Says He was “Stupid and selfish”

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. Ross got ejected for throwing a punch v Ravens

    Watt very unhappy.

    not good.
  2. Watt is racist imo.

    /sarcasm (end thread?)
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  3. George Layne disagrees....
  4. Cry baby J.J. speaks.
  5. Is JJ the head coach?

    Maybe Mr. Watt should worry about his own play and act as a team captain instead of calling a Rookie out in the press?
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  6. Maybe he was stupid. Bet he won't make that mistake again. At least he was on the field as a rookie. And Wat needs to STFU and play harder.
  7. did you watch any of the game?
  8. Rose Bowl loss still stings.
  9. JJ still upset over the Rose Bowl....... get over it man!!!
    You were playing this years SB winner, you weren’t going to win
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  10. Blacklock probably agrees with him. Nothing wrong with a veteran player trying to coach a rookie.
  11. The people on this board saying "JJ is a cry baby, JJ should let the coach do this!" are absurd. JJ is calling him out because he wants Ross to know he was in the wrong. JJ is being a leader. Guarantee if this happened on TCU last year and a Freshman punched someone and was ejected, and Blacklock called him out, these same posters would be praising him.

    JJ is being a leader here, Ross was in the wrong. Stop crying.
  12. Yeah the Rose Bowl comments are painful to see every time Watt is mentioned.

    Ironically it was Blacklock who yanked a helmet off a player last year and flung it 30 yards downfield. Somehow officials missed it
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  13. They should've met at the fountains to settle this.
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    Does nobody remember this is similar to the way Blacklock’s career ended at TCU during the West Virginia game?

    His targeting penalty and ejection gave WV a first down after we stopped them on 3rd & long with 2 minutes left in the game. WV scored two plays later and we didn’t go to a bowl game.

    And it wasn’t one of those questionable bang-bang plays that get called for targeting. It was a completely unnecessary hit.
  15. The absolute worst kind of penalties. Sheer stupidity.
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  16. Wouldn’t a leader do this in a private conversation rather than in front of a microphone? I don’t think anyone has a problem with a veteran coaching up a rookie, just the way he went about doing it.
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  17. Totally agree.
    J.J. always looking for headlines, newsprint, personal advertising.
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    watt was asked after the game and what some here have failed to notice is a key phrase in watt's response, "I've spoken to Ross before"

    if watt has indeed done so and ross continues to lash out in practice and now a game without changing his behavior he is not above public criticism. watt's career is winding down and i am sure he is frustrated as he can be with a number of things he can't control so not shocked after a game he would have little tolerance with a rookie who gets tossed from a game.

    curious how many here defending ross saw him getting washing down inside on the 4th down run by the ravens that basically sealed the game or did you merely see the names involved and defend ross and lob comments at watt
  19. It's football, not tea time.
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  20. I recall clearly. Selfish and stupid.
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