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Black Flag Conditions

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Jul 10, 2019.

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  2. nah...Coasties aren't true military. They're part of Homeland Security.
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  3. Chair Force

  4. When I was assigned to my carrier in Norfolk, we all had firefighting training. This included going into a blazing building, wearing and carrying heavy equipment. My luck, it was during one of the hottest summers in Norfolk history. The following week, they suspended the training because it was too dangerous.
    Buttercup training during that time was delightful, however!
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  5. Buttercup training is a BLAST! Loved it!
  6. Out on the road today I saw a black flag sticker on a Cadillac //
    Little voice inside my head said “don’t look back, you can never look back” //
    I thought I knew what love was, what did I know? //
    Those days are gone forever, I should just let em go but...
  7. It’s a Dead head sticker.
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  8. WGBT of 90 (Naval threshold for a black flag) is somewhere in the area of 110 heat index. Not the same, but a way of factoring in humidity. 95 in the desert would mean a pretty low heat index. As I type this, Las Vegas is 109 with a HI of 99. The Vegas dew point is 27, so at 95 the heat index is 89...about 20 degrees less than at the Naval Air Station Tuesday. No need for all the macho posturing.
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  10. The Ataris did a cover of the song and used “black flag” so we’re both right
  11. I vaguely recall that cover now that you mention it. Slightly faster.
  12. 2600 times faster.
  13. iswydt. still not sure of why, though.
  14. Just looked up the Atari’s version on youtube. WAY faster. Also, injecting punk rock youthful exuberance into a song about facing middle age seems a bit out of place. Like their sound, though.
  15. Good question.
  16. Borrowing from Riggs:

    You made that up.
  17. But they deploy to combat zones when ordered. They were in the Gulf War, Vietnam and drove many of the landing crafts on D Day.

    Pretty ballsy Coastie here:

  18. No sirree, Land Frog!

    Lazy google + Ctrl C + Ctrl V action.
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  19. Also, I doubt anyone would question el huevos on the PJs, FACs, Medi Vac Helos and know plenty of guys in the dirt who have bought a drink or two for guys providing air cover...
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  20. Truth. And many go pro vids I’ve seen show TIC calling for mortar/arty support when in garrison under attack but on patrol or convoy? It’s 90% the same—-where’s my f’ing air support/CAS?!?!?! Chair Force to the rescue!

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