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Black Flag Conditions

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Yesterday I had a playing lesson at Hawks Creek golf course, starting at noon. I know, bad deal. Dumb. Luckily it was just 9 holes and I barely made it being 71, overweight and out of shape. Anyway when we were on the course, a little before 2:00, a loudspeaker announcement came from the Naval Air Station..very clearly. They announced Black Flag Conditions, "Extreme heat. Non-Mission essential physical training and strenuous exercise must be suspended for all personnel. " I was not aware of that condition, and think of flag conditions/warnings to be on a beach. Also amazed we could hear that announcement so clearly on the course...helluva loudspeaker system.

    Anyway, surely when it gets as bad as yesterday at least part of the football workouts are inside?
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    That's the Navy and chAir Force for you. Also common among aviation types to take it easy while in garrison.

    I doubt Fort Hood cancelled outdoor training yesterday due to heat. We'd just make sure the water buffalo was full and pass out electrolyte packets.
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  4. I figured that would draw ire from you and a few others. ;-)
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  5. I thought a Black Flag condition meant there were too many roaches running around
  6. Or Henry Rollins
  7. They would do that at MCRD in San Diego as well. I'm not sure what the threshold was, but it was in the 90s. I thought that was pretty weak since that's basically spring here.
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  8. Strikes me as odd that ~95° is too hot for non-essential exercise for a group of people training (in large part) for desert combat.

    Now, for my fat ass, otoh...
  9. So you are saying you played golf with Henry Rollins?
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  10. There was a bit of playful jabbing in my Navy and chAir Force comment earlier, but a bit of truth in it too. For the jobs that are done on the JRB I don't think they would necessarily need to be acclimated to high heat while training. You've got mostly aviation assets there and mechanics. Also with the heavy deployment schedules since September 11th there's a huge focus in taking care of our bodies while in garrison given the toll we take on them while deployed.
  11. Guess which military service takes in more recruits from the lowest mental categories.

    Hint: It's not the Air Force or the Army.
  12. Having been around at both installations, that pavement in Fort Worth produces additional impact for heat, than the range at Hood. Plus, MOS working hours are not always like an FTX.
  13. Wonder if humidity has any thing to do with it? However, if that were the case, how would they ever run bases like Ft. Polk of Eglin/Hurlburt?
  14. Short answer: Yes.

    Longer answer: Wet bulb globe temperature readings determine a heat category and work/rest cycles.

    The WBGT is often confused with the heat index, which is a measurement of ambient temperature, including the effect of relative humidity. WBGT requires special monitoring equipment for humidity, ambient temperature and solar loading.

    Longest answers/examples:

    For Air Force: https://www.keesler.af.mil/News/Fea...hat-to-do-not-do-when-the-flag-changes-color/

    For Navy: https://www.med.navy.mil/sites/nhrota/explPopup.htm

    For Army: https://www.irwin.amedd.army.mil/pages/wbgt.htm

    For Marine Corps: (scroll down) https://www.quantico.marines.mil/Resources/Weather/
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  15. I don't think so. I don't recall ever thinking it was really hot there like I would have here. We had no A/C in the barracks there and it was still quite comfortable even during the "heat of the day". Don't know what they do on other bases.
  16. i asked a friend who fought in vietnam what his sergeant would have said to him if he mentioned that the heat and humidity were too high any random day to go walking around the jungle.

    pretty sure i would break the profanity filter if i typed out his response.
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  17. I know some guys who were in basic during a time that dates back to when the sign was up at Polk where the bus drove recruits through. Family member who was there when they trained in Tiger Land assures me the description on the sign was accurate.
  18. Just an average day at Fort Polk. I guess that’s why they had the Vietnam training village there.
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  19. Unless it's the Coast Guard...

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