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Big 12 Media Days Live From Vegas!!! Day 1 (Tuesday)

?: Star Telegram: what have you seen that gives you confidence....?

Sonny: We appreciate the work you do for us, Stephen. Our attitudes are better, and our leadership is better—more of a team instead of individual. I like the toughness of this group. They want to scratch and fight for everything, We have the right mix of experience coming back.
?4 man front

High-quality defensive linemen are hard to recruit. 3 big guys are hard to find. I love the 4-down system bc you can play with a lot of different body types on the edge from week to week. I love the group of pass rushers. That's a big difference this year. We can create good match ups and hold the run. Excited about Coach Andy. he believes in creating havoc defensively.
?: Lost leadership in 2023...how are you developing now?

Sonny - you turn over half your roster every year. So now, we can't rely on our players to pass that down. It's on our coaches now. We spend time with the players. We get to know them outside of football. It's good to get the transfers in January. More intentional about the values we teach.


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Sonny says this is more of a team than individual(s). Who were the individuals who were problems last year? Assume they are gone.
?: 4 Corner Teams. Compare the parity
of PAC 12 and Big 12

Sonny: Good point. I'm familiar with all the new teams added. Every team has it's own personality. Parity makes the Big 12 unique, unlike the other conferences. Every team is good. Every team is capable of beating the other team. I don't think it's like that in SEC and BIG 10.

It typically comes down to one possession. We were 0-4 in one-score games last season. It comes down to details, confidence, and good decision-making.
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Final Questions: How far has the QB room gone from last year to this year?

Sonny: I like our QB room. Hoover got a lot of experience. Vandy transfer has a lot of experience. Aledo kid, Hauss Haney has good. They all have different strengths and abilities. Hoover will be one of the better QBs in the league this season. The guys like and respect him and will lay it on the line for him.

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omg we have a Coach Whittingham and Dillingham. At least they aren't in the same state.

Here's Coach Dillingham's Press Conference (Arizona State)