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Big 12 Media Days Live From Vegas!!! Day 1 (Tuesday)

Hi, KillerFrogs.
We are in Vegas getting everything ready for Big 12 Media Days, tomorrow!

We will be posting the commissioner and each coaches press conference. God willing I don’t somehow screw it all up (If you could have been a fly on my shoulder watching me just get to Vegas ). I will be videoing and uploading each coaches press conference, post interview.

You can watch live on Spaces on X (Twitter). You don’t have to have a X account to listen. Click to set a reminder and listen:

Yormark Live
Sonny Dykes Live

You can also just search Killer Frogs (2 words) on Spaces. I’ll do more coaches pressers if the aforementioned go off without a hitch. Y’all want to start placing bets?

Here’s Tuesday’s Line-up in central-standard time:

Noon: Commissioner Brett Yormark
1pm: TCU Sonny Dykes
1:20: K-State Chris Klieman
1:40: Cincinnati Scott Satterfield
2pm: Texas Tech Joey McGuire
2:20: Utah Kyle Whittingham
2:40: Arizona State Kenny Dillingham
3pm: OSU Mike Gundy
3:20: Iowa State Matt Campbell

Videos to be uploaded to the Forum POST interview. Follow live on Twitter.

Follow us here on the forum and on X (Twitter). Spread the word. Go Frogs!!!


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Limey Frog

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Yormark bingo card:

-- intersection of sport and culture
-- generate new sources of revenue
-- identify opportunity
-- continually monitor the landscape
-- corporate partners/media partners
-- four times zones/national conference
-- top athletic brands
-- exciting music performers at conference events
-- *cut to cheesy promotional video bit*
Questions for Yormark:
?: Have you discussed Salary cap, student athletes exempt from anti-trust?

Yormark: No.

?: 14 team playoff. SEC and Big 10 are discussing making the 1st round byes exclusive to those conferences?

Yormak: We are glad to have one team... he basically doesnt know.

?: What is the BIg 12 doing to keep SEC and Big 10 for flexing their muscles?
Yormark: I'm focussed on the Big 12 continuing to get better (blah blah blah)
?: Private equity. What does the model look like and how does the Big 12 work with Private Equity?

Yormark: having a cap. resource makes sense. we are exploring what that looks like. We won't compromise the long-term future of the conference.
?: Day Building partnerships. Are they moving fast enough for you?

Yormark: We are moving at a great speed. They do move fast in the Big 12. Everyone wants to be responsibly disruptive. Bold Aggressive but thoughtful.

?: No more Texas and OU
What do the 4 new brands do for us?

Yormark. The 4 corners. We got deeper and better in Football, Basketball, and Olympic Sports. This is special.
? Do geography and convenience matter anymore?

Yormark: Yes it does. We actually wanted to be at AT&T stadium, but there was a scheduling conflict. There is a benefit to doing different things. We have to embrace change.
? You made the point that the Big 12 is the deepest Football league...why?

Yormark: Parody. Star Power - Quarterbacks. We were deep last year and deeper this year with the 4 corners. We underperformed last season.

? Is there any number that is too big for our conference?

Yormark: It's not about the number. It's about the right fit and the value the school brings.
? Is Big 12 Basketball compared to Big East's new TV deal?

Yormark: We got better at basketball. We gave ourselves options for the future in 2030. I'm bullish on FB, Basketball, and Olympic sports.

Ryann - He Hasn't mentioned baseball....hmmm.
? Title IX.

Yormark: I don't have a crystal ball, but the settlement provided clarity. I'm excited about the future. Schools are investing in student-athletes.

? ESPN and Fox shaping the league?

Yormark: we are exploring new tv windows. We are kicking the tires but nothing to report yet.
?:Current Las Vegas Bowl. Are you looking to have a formal affiliation?

Yormark: Yes. I'm confident this will happen. Critical market for us in the future.
?: building brand outside the US?

Yormark: 2 of our schools will be playing in Ireland. We are looking at MX for Soccer. It's critically important.
?: Importance of Branding. Social Media....etc?

Yormak: Working with ESPN and FOx is critical. Partnership with TuneIn. Doubling Down on Social Media. Engaging with student athletes. We have a CMO now to build our brand. We are more relevant then we have ever been.