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Big 12 Looking weak 2019 Bowl season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Putt4Purple, Dec 28, 2019.

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    Top to bottom OU lost their composure
  2. Baylor might be the only team that can win this bowl season being that UGA is leaving all of their starters at home. UGA's key players are staying home. Georgia playing all new players. So this being the most important game of Baylor's existence will have a significant advantage.

    Kansas State vs Navy might be a chance Big 12 has. We shall see.
  3. All of them? Are you sure?
  4. A good number of them. It was an exaggeration. But thanks for trying to be a dick.
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. Exactly!
  7. Speaking of not making sense, you say you don’t understand his point and then you basically make his point by saying Iowa State has no business in the bowl against ND. That was his point.
  8. That wasn't his point at all and I happened to agree on that one lone game. He made a general statement about the Big 12. Point is the Big 12 top to bottom just isn't very good this year. Anyone the Big 12 teams play are likely better this year with, as I said, the exception being Liberty Bowl with K State and Navy. So unless you want the Big 12 to not be in any bowl games, they are going to be mismatched this year.
  9. Everyone seems to want to play mediocre teams in good bowl games. It doesn’t work that way usually.
  10. Why so many?
  11. Add K-State to the list of sorry Big XII Teams. They lost to Navy on a FG with 3 seconds left on the clock but the score wasn’t indicative of the game as Navy put up 400+ yards of offense to KSU’s 180. KSU had 58 yds rushing to Navy’s 320!
    This is worst season I’ve witnessed in my 40+ years watching the Big XII. From top to bottom the teams all fail to execute basic fundamentals....starting with snapping the ball from Center to Qb! Absolutely pitiful football only comparable to the hapless Pac X.
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  12. 40 years of big 12 football?
  13. So are all of you that were worried about the Big 12 all happy now that UT won? Because scheiss UT.
  14. I’m fine with vodka Tom getting a win in late December......hoping for a Baylor loss for 1-5 in bowls.
  15. 1996 to 2019 = 40 plus years of Big XII football? Must be new math
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  16. Yeah, that's pretty impressive considering the Big 12 has only existed for 24 seasons.

    Point? Don't excessively embellish.
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  17. So the Big 12 will go 1-5. Very poor showing and TCU did not even participate. Depressing.

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