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Big 12 Looking weak 2019 Bowl season

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Putt4Purple, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. Oklahoma wetting the bed. Okie St., Iowa St. bit the bullet and lost. Who's next?
  2. Bunch of bad matchups. Oky State was the only one who had a decent chance but they had a number of guys out.

    If you pay attention year after year the SEC typically gets opponents below their level in bowls. This year the Big 12 is punching above our weight in almost every game.

    OU, Iowa State, Baylor and UT are playing far superior opponents
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  3. Weak Sauce B12...Frogs went 3-6 against this bunch
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  4. Goes to show how bad our offense was that we only scored 21 and lost against this garbage defense! You can argue that Burrows is that good, but he is throwing passes to WIDE open receivers.
  5. Who cares? Screw everyone else in Big 12.
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  6. I just hate the SeC more.
  7. If Baylor is in the b12 CG , the b12 is terrible that year
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  8. Because it "just means more" arse kissing by the media.
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  9. This all should pull some heads out of the sand.
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  10. That is because the conference office hand-picks their opponents. Other than the NY6 (assigned by the committee) and the Capitol One Bowl (which gets the next pick), the secsecsec places their team in the lower level bowls after the bowl itself has selected the other team. They’re seeking supposedly easier matchups.
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  11. The conference will be wide open next year. Although OU will be the front runner again, they will have plenty of question marks. Defensively we should be pretty stout in the LB corps and secondary. Our weakness, as it was this season, will be at the DE. The offense has GOT to be better. I'm holding on to that dream because it's hard to be as bad as we were last season without doing it on purpose.

    Plus we'll be playing the home schedule that has gotten us over the hump in the past.

    Cautiously Optimistic
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  12. We had both Big 12 title game teams on the ropes and we went 5-7

    I dont think the Big 12 was very good this year
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  13. Hopefully GP isn’t fooling himself about how close we are to being back on top because we had so many one-score losses. As it turns out, losing by one score to a bunch of crappy teams puts us a million miles away from the top of the heap from a national perspective.
  14. Anybody would look bad against LSU yesterday. Clemson's only hope is for Burrow to have an off-night. Or the entire rest of the team has a bad nignt.
  15. Happy to see OU get completely humiliated. The Iowa State/ Notre Dame result was somewhat depressing to me. Iowa State physically dominated TCU, and they ended up a 7-6 team that didn't belong on the same field as Notre Dame. I know single game comparisons are often misleading, but the overwhelming evidence at this point is that the Big 12 sucked in 2019, TCU was one of the worst teams in the conference, and has made zero moves that make me think things will get much better next year. I mean, I can come up with a scenario where TCU is sort of good in 2020, that just doesn't look like the way things are trending.
  16. Maybe, but my view is that LSU, Ohio State, and Clemson were by far the three best teams in the country this year and that any of those three would have dominated OU, and the other two were going to play a tough game against each other.

    As I was watching the game yesterday, at the end of Q1 I thought to myself, "cool, LSU had more yards against OU in the first quarter than TCU did in the game", then I got to repeat the thought after the second quarter.
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  17. And, Oklahoma St. was without their QB and would have beaten the Aggies if he played, close as it was.

    Baylor is going to get the piss beat out of them.

    Iowa St. - maybe Campbell is overrated - they got curb stomped and ND is no powerhouse.

    Texas - Willingham is the better coach, sorry UT, another loss.

    OU, what can you say and I don't think it is so much a difference in coaching it's a huge talent gap. You put that high grade talent with good coaching and......bam!
  18. Not pulling for Baylor to save the Big 12......ever!
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  19. hate to pull for kstate to beat navy but we may need them to help us not have a goose egg on wins
  20. If you want to play in the big boy bowls, you're going to play the big boys. This post doesn't even make sense. If the Big 12 teams got stuck in lesser bowls against lesser opponents, then would you be happy?

    Iowa State had no business in the bowl against ND. The only potential win I see for the Big 12 is K State in the Liberty Bowl and that's a big if against a very good Navy team. The Big 12 just isn't very strong this year. It's one of those years.
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