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Big 12 Expansion Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by pastorfrog, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. LOLz

    Texas was 1-4, 0-2 in conference going into that game.
  2. I just spent 3 years in Houston. Yes there was a lot interest in the OU game, but generally The Texans, The Aggies and the Longhorns have much bigger interest in Houston. I went to a game in their new Stadium which is a "poor mans" ACS. It was built from scratch for $100 Million. McLane was $250 million from scratch. Yes the seating bowl is nice but the rest of it is not nearly as nice. The night I went to see them play UCF the stadium was possibly half full.(3rd or 4th game in their new stadium) I went to a baskeball game and they had a good team coached by Kelvin Sampson. The place was empty like a practice. There was much more enthusiasm at the Rice game I attended. I went to almost every game we played them in the SWC days in the Astrodome and the attendance was always sparse even when they were good and had Yeoman. They do not travel. Houston is a pro sports town. If they are in Big 12 they still will be the 4th most popular football team and never will get close to the interest in the Aggies in Houston. Now they are nouveau riche and off of 1 good season with a coach who probably will not display the loyalty of GP they think they are ready for prime time. There is ZERO upside to the Big 12 to bring in UH except a short bus ride for some of the non football sports for the athletes. UH is a fine school academically, but it is not the same type of institution that the rest of the conference is. No to Houston.
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  3. Lots of OU fans and OU haters in Houston...
  4. Veer, we have hundreds of excuses we can use that are stored up from "the big league people" that used them on us when we were in the minors - even though we beat Clemson at their place, OU at their place, USC in a bowl, etc, etc. "Easy to play one big game a year when you play no one else"; "no one gets up for you and this is your big game to get up for", etc. We know all of them and we know the validity or none validity as well as anyone. None of it makes a bit of difference and you can come on here to state your case, but is will fall on deaf ears until you are invited...
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  5. I've always thought that was a great idea. Our 3 would probably be Baylor, Tech and WVU? Add UT if it were to include 4 permanent opponents.
    I think it says that OU could probably recapture the Houston market for the B12...
    face it, nobody really likes UofH - and unfortunately for you, whatever else is true or not - you need 8 yes votes and you won't ever get them unless ESPN and FOX offer more money for Houston specifically.
    Not happening.
  7. HoustonVeer is a giant [ profanity ]. But UH is showing it has a lot of potential. They need to fill their stadium and keep winning. Empty stands will kill them. Everyone is watching. Will any of their bazillion alums show up? Or will they prove to be a forever commuter school?

    I'd like to see them sustain success a few more years, but the Big 12 is about to add now. So we're probably stuck with them or Cinci. We could do worse.

    I don't want UH. But I have to admit they're doing the right things at the right time. Had they started 5 years earlier they might be a great candidate. But they might still be lucky enough that the league holds their nose and adds them to get to 12 anyway. The entire institution has potential if sports reinvigorates the institution like it has at TCU. But TCU is exception to the rule - usually outlandish athletics spending translates to outlandish debt, not unprecedented university wide success.
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  8. Again, would wait a year to see if Herman stays
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    You mean after LSU/Auburn/Etc buys their coach next year, for 6-7 Million ...
    Cheers !
  10. Agreed that is the big question. TCU has Patterson. That is why we were able to sustain our success. Will be a big reason if they are able to.
    You think TCU is going back to wandering the desert when Patterson leaves?
  12. We won't worry about that until 2022 or longer. You're worrying about Herman hitching the next camel out of Houston in 3 months.
  13. I'd be worried we'd take a step back depending on the hire, but TCU has established itself as a destination job at this point. We can recruit at a mid/high level consistently and the program has been strong for over a decade.

    We're now at the point where we're more than a coach, we're a legit program with a strong brand. We've finished in the top 10 something like 4 out of the last 7 years (or whatever it is).

    Houston is about ten years behind us on that front and if Herman left, the program could potentially fall apart. I'm not saying it would for sure, but you can't really compare the programs at this point.

    And that's not saying you might not be better than TCU this year, you might be, but the programs are on a different level overall. We would handle a coach leaving much better than UH.

    I do think UH is doing all the right things though, and I'm kinda/sorta rooting for y'all to get in (despite your fans).
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