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Big 12 clarifies last play of UT game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 5, 2020.

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  2. At least we still won a one score game.......
  3. That's what I thought as well. The key is it would have still been our ball for the untimed down, not the turnover on downs. That's why the holding was so brilliant. It delays their ability to get to Max giving him more time to run the clock, but costs us nothing on the penalty.
  4. Which is why it’s so so important that Kill is here. I’m assuming he was the one that told GP to take a timeout and do it
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  5. Shouldn’t there have been a ten second run off the clock too?
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  6. So one untimed down means: no safety? And we take a knee?

    Or the safety counts and the untimed down is the free kick?
  7. no safety we take a knee.
  8. thanks.

    So Herman probably just declined the penalty?

    Like the original poster said, “no difference in outcome.”
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  9. That is the confusing part. Not sure he declined it. He should have made us take the snap and knee. Why no 10 second run off?
  10. Snap it through the back of the endzone. Don’t take a chance on mishandling the snap.
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  11. I think Texas just said eff it.
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  12. No, see Zebra’s explanation in the game summary (I think)
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  13. Was not Kill who recommended it....
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    From the other thread...

    @Zebra Frog
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  15. Matters little. W in the history books...
  16. Who was it? I’m really curious on this as GP is not the best clock manager
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  17. You are correct. Hanna Wells still holds that distinction:

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  18. Hey! That clock is only right twice a day!
  19. Still makes no sense. How can a safety be declined?
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  20. I think you do just what we did but Duggan could've easily burned off another second by running around for awhile. It seemed like he thought he had to get out of the end zone before he was touched or something.
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