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Big 12 clarifies last play of UT game

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. if it’s an untimed down, don’t try to handle the snap at all.
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  2. No way I'm risking our center sending it all the way through the endzone from 20 yards out. If the ball is a yard short and bounces funny, you lose.

    Shotgun snap to Duggan with two RBs to the sides and one deep is the smart move. It's the same snap you've done all game, plus you have three guys to clean up any mishaps.
  3. 16 yards. Basically a punt snap. And you put a player back there, but off center, just in case. Seriously, it’s not that complicated.
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  4. I thought we were at the 15 or 20? Plus 10 yards for endzone? Anyways - your idea is definitely a good one.
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    We were at the 6.

    Edit: I was wrong, the LOS was the 15. So would need a 25 yard snap. Might make a difference.
  6. What happens to the safety??
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  7. It was a holding penalty on us in the end zone. That should cause a safety and ten second runoff, We also stepped out of end zone for a safety. They could decline the penalty or accept the penalty. Not sure what Texas did in regards to that decision?

    Either we win with safety or by taking snap and knee without safety. The clarification just caused more confusion?

    where is zebra frog?
  8. texas eat, texas eat, texas EABOD. texas eat, texas eat...
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  9. There's no ten second runoff because we were the offensive team, and had the lead.

    Runoff only applies if the offensive team is behind.
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  10. I don't believe the holding was in the EZ. The LOS was at least 12 yards from the goal line, so there was plenty of room to grab on and tackle the defender without risking the safety.

    Holding would have been half-the-distance, so we'd have had to snap from the 6-7 yard line. Thus a simple Victory formation would have been best.

    Mensa was forced to choose between taking the points, or taking the penalty. Either way, there would be no time on the clock. The only difference that I can see is that we'd have been taking a snap on the 6 and immediately downing the ball.
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  11. This...there was nothing said about holding in the end zone. May have been but white hat didn’t say it and he would have if it had been an issue.
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  12. I seem to remember Joe Theisman running around, trying to burn a few seconds off the clock right at the end of a game against the Cowpersons. That play had an unhappy ending for Mr. Theisman, IIRC.

    A long time ago, though.
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  13. Jeffrog had posited that in an earlier post.
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  14. Wracking my brain and can’t think of the game you’re referring to. What happened?
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  15. So whose idea was this
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  16. Sonny Cumbie
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  17. As I recall, Lawrence Taylor chased him around and ripped his leg off and then proceeded to beat him about the head and neck with said leg. I may have a few of the details wrong...but I'm not thinking clearly since I heard Eddie died.
  18. Safety stands. Also, from what I know, only a defensive penalty can extend a game. Penalty on offense is moot. Have the rules been changed on this?

    If you can run an untimed down after offensive penalty. Then safety comes off the board, penalty yardage marked off. TCU repeats 4th down and snaps the ball one more time.
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  19. We're really good at doing that in Austin anyway.
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  20. There was a famous spoof radio call of the guy who did Houston Rockets radio (name escapes my feeble brain) with "They've torn off Otis Thorpe's leg, and they're beating Olajuwon with it, and there's still no call!!!"
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