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Big 12 2020-21 Basketball Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, Dec 2, 2020.

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    if you are looking for any real analysis about all i can offer is the two bigs for wvu are both grown arse men, but decided to start a thread keeping track of the season this year in the big 12.

    i did post this earlier in the liberty game thread:

    we don't really have a big 12 basketball thread so will add this here knowing there is a very good chance no one reads it.

    ok state plays a very good second half and ends up with a solid win at marquette and they are now 3-0

    kansas comes back against kentucky and is now 2-1 with their only loss to gonzaga

    texas hammers indiana and now faces unc. has shaka finally got in worked out in austin? they have got some athletic bigs.

    west virginia is playing gonzaga on espn tonight and baylor is playing illinois, not sure which game is first in the doubleheader

    somehow ou isn't playing until they face the frogs
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  2. texas comes out strong against unc, faills behind in the second half, but hit two big baskets at the end to beat the ranked unc team

    horns are now 4-0 and will next play villanova in austin. soph kai jones is a really good looking big prospect
  3. Texas is back... until they aren’t!
  4. UT is very good this year. Excellent big men and experienced guards are a recipe for a solid team.

    WVU will lose to Gonzaga but played well.

    Kansas isn’t as good as they usually are but still strong.

    OSU, TT and OU look to be solid. Baylor has everything needed to be a really good team.

    KSU and ISU are not good.
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  5. wvu drops a close one to gonzaga 87-82. wvu was physical, they played tough defense but they shot poorly and their best offensive play was the offensive rebound

    gonzaga will play baylor next so that will be the third big 12 team they have faced this year.
  6. Baylor beats Illinois. Top of the conference is better than last year.
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  7. We're a basketball conference. Which is weird when you think about it.
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  8. better than being a rifle conference
  9. 13 point win over illinois is damn strong and it will be interesting to see how baylor matches up against gonzaga on saturday

    only watched the first half and got tired hearing how good the big 10 is this year.
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    Not Big 12. But... future Frog opponent Missouri beat #21 Oregon 83-75 last night.
  11. Big 12 is by far the best conference this year
  12. kansas beats washburn 89-54 as their starters shoot 11-18 from behind the 3-pt line. is that legal?

    ou did finally play a game and destroyed utsa 105-66 as brady manek was 8-11 from 3 as he led the sooners with 29 points

    st johns v tech was cancelled and the frogs won their game.
  13. Shaka Smart has hair now and it’s weird. Almost thought the Horns got a new coach.

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  14. B10 also strong this year- 11 of 14 teams in Pomeroy top 40 right now.

    Would be nice to be in the PAC-12 this year.
  15. He’s still there!?!?
  16. think his middle name is ramon
  17. tech hammers troy 80-46 as mcclung goes for 20 and they force 22 troy turnovers

    question is was the uh an anomaly or something we will see on the nights that tech doesn't shoot the ball well.

    they face grambling and acu next so we most likely won't get an idea until they get to conference play.
  18. Shaka needs to shave his head again...
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  19. My hot take on the matter.... men that normally don't have hair that decide to grow out their hair look weirder than men that have hair and then lose/shave it. I'm looking at you Brian Urlacher.
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