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Big 10 to cancel season

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  1. Report: Big Ten cancels 2020 football season
    ByCHANCE LINTON 117 minutes ago

    The Big Ten Conference is reportedly canceling their 2020 college football season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, becoming the first Power Five conference to make the move. This comes just a few days after the league released its revised 2020 schedule.

    According to a report from the Detroit Free Press, the Big Ten is canceling their college football season. On Monday, it was reported that Nebraska and Iowa were the only two Big Ten schools to vote in favor of a college football season in 2020.

    The Detroit Free Press' Chris Solari tweeted out the first news of the canceled season.

    “The Big Ten has voted to cancel the 2020 college football season in a historic move that stems from concerns related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, multiple people with knowledge of the decision confirmed to the Free Press,” the report stated.

    According to sports radio host Dan Patrick, the Big Ten was expected to cancel its 2020 season on Tuesday, he said on his show Monday. He then added that the league’s 14 schools held a vote on the season and only two of those schools voted in favor of playing this season. Those schools were Iowa and Nebraska. On the show, Patrick shared information on a conversation that he had with the source that told him about the Big Ten’s stance.

    The decision comes after the Power Five conference commissioners reportedly held a meeting on Sunday due to growing concern about the possibility that college football cannot be played this fall.

    According to ESPN, the Big Ten presidents were prepared to "pull the plug" on the conference's fall sports season after holding a meeting on Saturday, but no official vote took place during the meeting as they "wanted to gauge" if administrators of other conferences at the Power Five level — the ACC, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC — would do the same.

    Citing sources, ESPN said a "vast majority" of Big Ten presidents would vote to suspend the football season, potentially deferring for the spring, but no official vote was held during the meeting Saturday.

    "It doesn't look good," said one Power Five athletic director, in a comment to ESPN.

    The Big Ten university presidents met on Saturday after the Mid-American Conference became the first FBS league to cancel its fall college season in light of the pandemic, citing safety concerns for student-athletes.

    Following the meeting, the Big Ten announced that it would not be allowing its member schools to proceed to fully padded practices yet.

    “Each new phase of activity provides new intelligence and experience and allows us to evaluate the implementation of our Conference and institutional medical protocols in real-time,” the league said in a statement. “In order to make the right health and safety decisions for our student-athletes, we believe it is best to continue in the appropriate phase of activity referenced above while we digest and share information from each campus to ensure we are moving forward cautiously.

    “We understand there are many questions regarding how this impacts schedules, as well as the feasibility of proceeding forward with the season at all. As we have consistently stated, we will continue to evaluate daily, while relying on our medical experts, to make the best decisions possible for the health, safety and wellness of our student-athletes.”

    The Big Ten announced earlier this summer it was moving to a 10-game, league-only slate. Other Power Five leagues followed suit, including the ACC and SEC.

    Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren said the Big Ten would start its season in September after the release of their conference only schedule.

    "The decision was to afford us the best possible opportunity to be as flexible as we possibly can," Warren told media members. "And that was one of the reasons why when we decided to go to a 10-game only schedule, a Big-Ten only conference schedule, is that we're hopeful that this builds an opportunity for us to remain as flexible as we possibly can.

    "So as you're aware, if something were to happen, where we didn't start on September 5, we have the flexibility to start even on September 12, or the 19th. And because we have both open dates throughout the schedule, and on the back end, we would be able to collapse some of those early dates to a later date. So the big thing for us right now, always is, number one, the health and safety of our student athletes and everyone in our community. But but also is to have as much flexibility as we possibly can."

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  2. "We're Screwed."
  3. When the school presidunces get that wake up call from the trustees and big money.

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  4. This one's actually pretty funny.
  5. Have our players joined #WeWantToPlay ?
  6. That is unspecified, Unspecified.
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  7. I call totally BS on anyone who uses unnamed sources. Its not valid journalism.
  8. Canceled in 2020
  9. Many have, yes
  10. “Big X Presidents were ready to pull the plug on Saturday”
    This conference never had a chance to play in Covid 2020. The Big X is dominated by Liberal University Presidents & Governors and they were not going to let Schools play Football....the Dems put pressure on their fellow Libs to shut it down.
    Meanwhile the Big XII & SEC still plan to play!
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  11. Supposedly official now
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  13. doubt they have any intention of playing football in the spring. that's just a line they are using for cover. Would have made better sense to wait and delay start until late September when the SEC was going to roll to. I doubt the Big 10 will offer any real data to their decision. this was politics, and that's all it was.

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