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Best Halftime Show I've ever seen....

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. To say that this halftime show was the best ever seen actually doesn't say much, does it. Ever since the Jackson lady had her wardrobe malfunction, they've been going downhill.
  2. He apparently didn't know or like the tune, either. Made up his own as he went along.
  3. i am not sure which espn broadcast i was watching as the main channel wasn't available to us as once again espn proved why they have no clue when it comes to the streaming platform, but we saw both school bands with no talking heads, replays of the half we just saw or a stream of numbers.
  4. The governor of Kentucky was a fan, at least partially.

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  5. Wow that's a hot take!
  6. As stated earlier the Prince halftime show in Miami, when it actually started to rain during Purple Rain, was amazing. Also, U2 playing The Streets Have No Name while the names of those who lost their lives scrolled behind them just a few months after 9-11 craps all over most halftime shows.
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  7. I had a hard time making out a lot of the words.
  8. So did Lil Wayne.
  9. Not surprising; they do that with age.
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  10. I wouldn't call it bad as much as safe. It is definitely formulaic pop.
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  11. Mormons

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