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Best Halftime Show I've ever seen....

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Gotta admit...I have never been big fans of Imagine Dragons (no clue why, they freaking rock), Little Wayne.....or half time shows in general.

    But holy boat that was good....
  2. Not sure if serious
  3. Please share some of whatever it is that you’re on.
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  4. FIFY
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  5. That was like living hell
  6. It was just a recycled performance of their remix with Kendrick Lamar
  7. Corporate rubbish
  8. Imagine Dragons was fine. They’re better on the radio than live, but there was nothing wrong with that performance.

    Lil Wayne has some good songs but that was real weird... especially the first part. I mean, I know he’s a weird dude in general, but man
  9. I would have been perfectly ok without Lil Wayne. Their album Night Visions that got them huge in 2012 is still one of my favorite albums of anyone that I listen to
  10. I have a bigger problem with the national anthem singer than imagine dragons.
  11. Both have played the Friday of TCU homecoming.
  12. Was he rapping about darning a girl while she was asleep?
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  13. I believe Lil Wayne has consumed too much lean in his life
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  14. Much like those tweets about how so and so made a computer watch Law and Order for 1000 hours and the write an episode, if someone made a computer listen to music from the last 20 years for 1000 hours, the computer would create Imagine Dragons. And Florida Georgia Line.
  15. lil Wayne was a joke out there
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  16. Was that Nickelback?
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  17. Was this posted from Deep Ellum or South Congress
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    Yep - South Congress in fact. I don’t mind big and mega, but when you play the game how it’s dictated to you as a corporate pawn with no originality - I can’t get down with that. They produce songs based on a repeated formula with no soul. It’s just watered down bs. If you like it, cool...no problems there. In my opinion, the Imagine Dragons are not cool or good and no one will remember them in 10 years.

    It doesn’t matter where you live to know that was bad music
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