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  1. Maybe she's thinking the high humidity will flesh that horrid face out a little? I don't know.
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  2. LSU promised her she could chain smoke during games...
  3. Baylor stalling?!? that's just shocking!!!
    (April 27, 2021, 3:15 PM EDT) -- A Texas federal judge has ordered Baylor University to turn over documents and work with an independent auditor to resolve a discovery dispute in a Title IX suit by women who claim the school failed to properly respond to sexual assault reports.

    In an order filed Monday, U.S. District Judge Andrew W. Austin chastised Baylor for the discovery delays, including missing numerous deadlines and failing to produce requested documents that have "dominated this case for years," and cost more time and money than he said was necessary.

  4. Nothing to see here just Baylor being Baylor.
  5. Why have they not been held in contempt?
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. And why isn't that guy in jail? I've been considering moving back to Texas, but it is hard to do when Texas does things like tolerate him. He deserves to be shot down like the rabid dog he is.
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  10. That may be more extreme than he is.
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  13. So you're not moving back to the best state in the country, from God knows where but obviously isn't as good as Texas....because we haven't shot him yet??
  14. I have no words except when is the inept NCAA going to do something?
  15. fairly certain the ncaa would be as effective dealing with voting fraud as most rules violations
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  16. Could there be some Baptists judges and NCAA officials protecting Baylor?
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  17. The devil will be wearing long woolen underwear and carrying a hand warmer long before the NCAA says anything beyond "Harrumph!"
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  18. Please take the political crap elsewhere. If you get my daily dose of BaylorTears(tm) banished to the Pit I'mma be PIIIIIIIISSED.

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