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  1. back on track.

    [Baylor asshoe]
  2. In my area of East Texas (way back yonder) money was pretty much the determining factor. And that explains why so many of us had no other option than ET. No one ever referred to it in any other way, just ET. Had we known that one distant day in the future it would be called Texas A & M at Commerce, we might have found the $s to go elsewhere. (And for you young guys, ET= East Texas State Teachers College.)
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  3. AKA Easy Tech.
  4. That reminds me OpIntel, meant to tell you the (sad) true story of a paper I wrote at SOS. I used the word Dolt—was told to take it out because (my instructor said with a completely straight face) ...no one would know what I was saying.
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  5. I attended Commerce High School in the 70’s back when ETSU won the NAIA national championship against.....Carson-Newman.
  6. Wrong shirt tcudoc. FIFY!!!


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  7. lol at Baylor. 24-23 Tech
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  8. With remaining games against KSU, OU, and OSU there's a very real possibility they go 1-8 with their only win over Kansas.
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  9. They’ve had a rough go as of late. Their President Dan Jones committed suicide a couple years ago, and they had a student murdered in a dorm last year. Strange to say the least.
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    Who pays for all this? At a glance and just a guess, but it looks like Sam has easily used up couple hundred grand of lawyering?
  11. #4 ranked women just lost to #16 Arkansas in the Big12/sec challenge 83-78. Good job baylol.
  12. I gotta say I like Aranda. I’m a little worried he will turn those Baylor boys around.
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  13. I gotta say, [Baylor asshoe]
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  14. Huh?
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  15. Since Tech has head to head, Baylor is guaranteed to finish 9th in the Big XII this season.

    You love to see it.
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  16. Man that 10th Court of Appeals has sucked at least since I was in law school...maybe longer but I wasn’t paying attention before
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  17. 10th court. All three judges went to bu.
  18. Any loss or beating for those things in Waco is fine with me.
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