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  1. Baylor undergrad students are a study in mid-town America.

    Mostly from towns like Seguin, Beaumont, Sherman, etc.

    Really good kids who want to go to Baylor for reasons related to the Baptist church and their youth organizations.

    Running of the freshman bears, the Baylor line, homecoming parade, the town of Waco, and its academics make it very attractive to a texas high school student who doesn't want to go to a state school or a school in the big city.

    It is no wonder that Napolean complexs abound among their students and alumni.

    TCU threatens them because they fear (rightfully so ) that the Frogs do it better.

    We do.

    Better town, better academics, better sports teams, etc.

    I did admire some of Baylor traditions in my 2 1/2 year sentence in Waco.

    I just know TCU's total package is better.
  2. Happy 6th Birthday, ‘tears.
    May you have many more to come.
  3. Rape and cover ups, two of their favorite pastimes.
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  4. When I was growing up in an East Texas town, heavily Baptist, in high school we talked about where we and our friends were going to college.

    People "went to" Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, UTx, A'nM, TCU, and many other schools. But the discussion, without any hint of irony, smack, or teasing, was about someone being "sent to" Baylor if that was the kid's college destination. Says something.

    But that was many decades ago, in an era that has disappeared into the mists of time. Things may be different today. :)
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  5. I'm from Marshall and the 80's-90's kids wanted SFA, aggie, Sam Houston, ETBU, Tx aggie-Commerce and baylor. I only know of myself and 2 girls from Marshall that went to TCU.
  6. Slightly different experience, but I grew up in suburban Dallas and remember the same sort of thing. A lot of my friends all applied to the same general cohort of schools (UT, A&M, TCU, SMU, UTD, and Texas Tech or UNT as a backup) and went to whichever one was the best choice based on major/scholarships/cost/living situation, ect.

    However anyone who went to Baylor pretty much had their sights set on only Baylor, with maybe Hardin Simmons or Austin College as the backup. I graduated high school almost 20 years ago and this is anecdotal I know, but don't remember a lot of crossover and different sort of breed that would seek that out.
  7. I love Marshall. The number one exporter of awesome amplifiers.
  8. The only thing they blow up are dolls.
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  9. I'm from Kilgore and agree with this. I'd add LeTourneau to the group of schools you listed as well as Kilgore JC and Tyler JC. UT Tyler was not a consideration for graduating seniors, but seemed much more popular among people going from JC, back to college after taking a break, or grad school.

    The only people who went to Baylor were children of alumni.
  10. My grandparents were both rabid Baylor alumni. When my dad was looking at college, he really wanted to go to North Carolina or Duke. He loved that part of the country. My grandparents told him "You can go anywhere you want, but if you want us to pay for it, you go to Baylor."
    So he ended up at Baylor. I think he always resented his parents a little bit for that. He never really went gung-ho on being a big Baylor Bear and had no interest in the sports.
  11. Your dad sounds like he was sapient at a young age and remained so throughout his life.
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  12. You seem to be quite sagacious, your own darn self.

    **Liked for the vocabulary lesson.
  13. Is that like a homo sapient?
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  14. I'm not sure that word means what I thought it means
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  15. No. It's like the sapient that tempted Eve to take a bite of that apple in the garden.
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  16. Google it. He picked a great word to get y'all spun up.

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  17. Coming out of the region that includes Waco, most were UT, Aggie, Out of State, Some Tech. Those that went to baylor were either of the same cut others mentioned, or it was because it was in the hometown/home area. A couple for TCU and a couple for SMU. And a group for SFA, which I looked at as well. My path was different and honestly, by senior year of high school, I didn't give a rats a-- what others were doing. I had gone into that mindset that it was every man for himself and time to look out for number 1 or risk being stuck.
  18. and pilots who will fly anywhere, no questions asked.
  19. nevermind, that's Longview, I think.
  20. had a relative who went to Duke. UNC was of interest, but I never really followed up on the interest.

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